Acts of kindness

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The Compassionate Christina

One sunny day in the park of Cape Town lived a young beautiful girl walking about enjoying the afternoon with nature. Then she finds a shy defenseless sensitive girl called Theolynne she runs to her and says.Hi my name is Christina what’s wrong you look very sad Theolynne replies. I have been bullied all my life with no friends parents anyone Christina says I will be your friend and take care of you Theolynne cry’s and Christina comforts her gently all of a sudden a rude bully comes and hurts her with unpleasant words but then Christina says stop torturing and tormenting her physically and emotionally she a awesome strong amazing friend so stop so they left her alone and ran away. That is a value of a true friend we should cherish and be grateful to embrace and capture these moments with our best friend. The miracle of friendship that dwells within your heart and you don’t know how it happens or when I gets to start but happiness it gives you always gives a special lift and you realize that friendship is Gods very precious gift Friendship is a special precious wonderful gift from God that we should not waste and throw away it is lovely. Friends forever

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