Kitten Trouble: The end of Cheddar

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Cheddar gets this huge disease after Silver came along. Will this be the end of Cheddar?

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Kitties Rule
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Chapter 1: Lazy Cheddar

Cheddar was lazy and laid in his bed, Silver trying to play with him. Cheddar wouldn't respond. We were really worried that this would be the end for Cheddar. Will we have to put him---down? Hopefully not. I love my Cheddar, but I don't want him suffering.

"Mom!" I shouted. She walked into the living room where I stand.

"Oh no, this isn't good. Cheddar might have to be put down." She replied, looking at lazy Cheddar.

"Welp, let's get her in the car." I sadly confessed.

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