Kitten Trouble: The end of Cheddar

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Chapter 2: Will he be put down?

As we got to the vet, he called us in.

"What do we have here?" Asked the veterinarian.

"Cheddar looks horrible. Do we have to put him down?" I questioned.

"The way it looks, yes." the veterinarian confessed.

"Oh," I sadly looked at Cheddar as he looked at me sadly.

Meow, his meow studdered.

"Okay, let's get this thing started." said the veterinarian as he placed some gloves on his hands.

He gave cheddar a shot and Cheddar was put down. Laying on the blanket the vet had gave him, eyes closed.

I sobbed.

"There. Now he won't have to suffer." The veterinarian exclaimed.

I sobbed all the way home, at least we still had Silver. Silver looked depressed, too. We both did.

I missed Cheddar and sobbed for 7 months. But, at least he isn't suffering anymore.

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