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My little diary open to the world! Names will be changed and some minor details.

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I found this app, and... well I think that's where I'll start. Well I originally only got Inkett. Then I got Inkett Writing or whateve. I only typed part of my comment to my new account, when I thought, How the hell am I supposed to write stories? So I looked around and found this thing! So here I am, wasting my first chapter, talking about how I got this app. Well, I can start off this boring chapter by saying I typed this on my phone, at Macy's with the awful wifi they have! Yes, I know, I don't have data. So sue me. I will use some rude humor so watch out! You know what, I have decided. This is the prologue. I'll see you in Chapter 1. (I will be naming them in chapters.) Bye!! ^•^

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