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Seven Years

Its been Seven years and you still don't pick up your phone.

I try it every once in a says it doesn't exist.

For you, time stopped on 24 February, 2012 but we were forced to drive forward and we couldn't even understand how far we have come until the moment we took a break and looked back searching for you but you were no where in sight. You had probably given up long time ago.

You shall always remain the thirty-eight years old woman...but we shall grow up and may be it will be the day when I would turn thirty-eight and may be even more..but you shall always remain the same cause time stopped for you as you had given up a long time ago. Seven years to be precise.

But its alright. Just grab your red tea and sit on that comfy sofa that you used to sit on and take your time and also watch us grow up.

Watch as we trip, tumble down, hurt each other, help each other, fight with each other but most importantly, intertwining our fingers we walk further while all you do is to sip your tea and cheer from behind as we complete the lap of life.

But seriously,

It would've been great if you could've held our hands a little further.

It would've been great if you could've stayed a little longer.

It would've been great if you lived a little more longer.

Because I stand at a point where I look to my left to find dad and my sister but when I turn to my right, there's no one.

It scares me a little bit knowing am all alone and exposed by my right but its alright, I know that will only make me even stronger as I would fight and fight and run all the way, until my end meets.

Scars....are pretty hard to be healed.

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