No, you CAN, can't isn't a real word

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Dorothy Sacre is a girl of eight and she is HOPELESS. She even knows she can't do anything. But maybe... Maybe... A secret magical power of will is deep inside her. Maybe she actually CAN.

Children / Mystery
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The Start


'Yes, Dorothy. I can't do everything around this house. Get the vacuum and go round your bedroom now.'

'No. I can't Mum. You know that. I can't do anything. Even you know that.'

'Oh, Dorothy. Just try. For once, please, just try.'


'Fine. We'll do this the hard way. I'm going to count to ten and if you haven't started vacuuming your phone is gone for a week. One... Two... Three...'

Dorothy grabbed the vacuum.

'Good.' her Mum stopped counting at six when Dorothy started to run around madly, 'Now then, get that done and then put these clothes in your wardrobe.'

Dorothy groaned.

She raced around the room, destroying everything in sight.

'Done!', luckily, there was not much on the floor, because everything that was on there was ruined.

'Dorothy! What have you done to your bedroom?!'

'Vacuumed it, as you asked.' Dorothy replied a little cheekily.

'More like wrecked it. Get it cleaned up now.'

'Yes Mum.'

This was just the start of the day, 8 o'clock, before breakfast. And something had already gone wrong. Great.

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