Beauty and her beastly kids

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Beastly looking kids! Getting bullied and not understanding parents

Children / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Start writing here…We all know the story beauty and the beast and how he got cursed to be a beast till he found true love (remember Beast is now a charming prince). When they got married and had two kids there was a problem with them. The first a girl with a tail and thangs but no fur. The second a boy who has fur and whiskers . Bell and Beast (Yes I’ve done the research and Actual name is Beast now his parents could tell the future, or it was a dare to call they’re kid Beast either way it’s very ironic) were very calm and excepted they’re children but they always wanted to find the old witch and make her pay.

Now theyre children are in school being bullied and are going through a lot of stuff. The first is named Lilith which means night monster because her first time at home she stayed up all night and slept all day. The second is Fenris which means werewolf monster cause he looks like a werewolf. They were outside playing what they called daddy getting chased by villagers. It was tag except you don’t say tag you say attack. Lilith is 12 and Fenris is 9.

“Attack!” Shouted Fenris touching Lilith on the back.

“Argh” roared Lilith “I’m a crazy villager”.

“OH NO” said Beast walking through the door. “It’s a crazy villager What is your daddy to do”.

“I am gonna get you” Shouted Lilith jumping on her dad.

“So May I” said Fenris jumping on her dad. Beast grasped then with his arms.

“Time for dinner kids” shouted Bell from the kitchen. Beast carried them in and sat them at the table, then sat down himself. Bell sat down lemonade infront of the kids.

“This reminds me of the dancing lemonade we had at our first dinner” Beast laughed.

“Oh yes they were kind!” Bell laughed.

“Guys can you stop going on about you lovey Dovey stuff” complained Fenris.

“Bleh” complained Lilith.

Bell sat a fresh plate of chicken and potatoes with gravy. Cogsworth (the clock who is now a man) walked.

“So you made dinner I thought that was my job!” He sounded slightly annoyed.

“We’ll be happy you got a break sir” said Lumière (the candle who is now a man) as he walked in.

“Tea madam.” Said mrs Potts as she walked from the door to Bell.

“No thankyou” said Bell.

“Master?” She asked.

“No no thanks” said Beast.

“So Chip How is he doing?” Asked Bell.

“Well he’s 17 now and he’s doing alright he’s going to move away next month” .

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