The daughter the father

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Childhood memories of my dad.

Children / Drama
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My new word

I hadn't had the cleanest mouth on the planet to beginn with as that my father had a bit of a potty mouth. Come for day of kindergarten you would except the kid to learn someone out of left feel. NOW it is usually 2+2=4 or ABC or a new language but lets say the kids say the damndested andleatn the damndest things when they go to school. I came home and said to my father as he was eating chinese food for dinner and said "hello motherf**ker," causing him to spit out his food, caugh it up and swear back at me. I was laughting but i didnt know know that my new word would have a near death experience on his end.

As i slept the poor guy had a stroke and showed all the symptoms of a stroke and had to be hospitalized fir a few months.

In the hospital my mom said tjst i should know NOT to swear like that for shock value like that.

I said i would swear in front of him again.

As time came by i learned and brought home new words that my parents didnt like.

I will know repeat them because its unlady like and embarrassing.

But i do use these words to this day and my flipping excuse is that i have PTSD or bin Laden caused me to swear like a drunk sailor. I always blame binny. Even for my dads stroke.....yes i know i am a song. As it was my foul mouth that that damn near wacked him with hos stroke. I like to put the blame on bin Laden for the sake of it because he was (and still) annoying.

The real cause was that there was a kid name mitch who swore at the teacher and i picked it up like Ebola and brought that freaking word home to make my dad suffer. I since cannot stop the swearing, but my dad has lovingly gotten use to it. My dad is now 85 and holding strong. But i still remember my first swear word (the mother of all them) and thd mother of all reactions. Thank god he is 85 and not suffering or kicked me out yet.

Fuck you bin Laden!!!!

(Had to say that)

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