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Wild fire

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Short fhost stories

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Lady of the pool

Since the disappearance of my mother....at the dead of night i keep hearing this splashing sound in our pool as if someone was doing canon balls in the pool

I was nt thinking twice of it.

Then i went for a morning swim against my dad's wishes to refresh.

The pool was a blood red. Thinking it was red algae i ran in side.

My dad to my horror said that a few nights ago him and my mom got into a fight in the back yard and stabbed her. And that she fell in the pool stainning the water blood red.

I look at the pool one more time and see the outline of a woman walking by it. Had it not being for the noises and confessions i would have though i was dreaming.

But i wasnt dreaming......this was real

The woman who carried me and birthed me raised me is ow dead. My father sobbing in remorse for what he had done

That night i heard two splashing sounds. The next morning i found my father floating in the pool dead from a stab to yhe heart.

The coroner said it was suicide but i knew it was the vengeance of the ghost of mom. She wanted to end the fight once and for all.

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