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Sunset feild

There at the back of my house there was a forest. And at the end of my street the was a field....that i called the sunset feild. This is where i went when i had a bad day or got into trouble with the school.

Which was a lot

I called ot the sun set feild because it was a great place to see the sun setting. It was a relaxing replace.

Every day was a bad day as i got into fights in school so i would sneak out of my room to see the sun setting in the feild.

The sunsets were beautiful.....i heard grown ups say that sunsets are nice in beaches and at see. But that was for kissing purposes only. Yuck.

I just stare at the sunset over trees to relax myself and clear my mind.

Did you know when the sun sets it flashes green and then night starts to fall.

I have seen this many times. Its it better then the canada day fireworks.

As the air starts to chill and get colder i walk in the twight to my home and a worried mom.

She should know that i go here all the time.

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