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The Fairy Trial

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Fairies are easily spooked creatures, never easily seen or heard from. What you don't know is that they live in your very garden! Playing games and making friends.

Children / Fantasy
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The Fairy Trial

If you go down to the bottom of the garden and watch very closely you might see the twinkle of a flower fairy passing by. But be careful not to get caught by a thistle fairy, for thistle fairies like to cause mischief and trouble wherever they go.

Many years ago fairies used to have Easter treasure hunts, the same as any young child would have them. But instead of hidden chocolate eggs, the fairies were on a hunt for a crystal jewel that granted the finder ruler ship over the fairies for a whole year. Once they brought the jewel safely back to the Full Moon Pool.

On this Easter hunt however, the jewel was stolen. It began like any other Easter hunt, everyone was excited and having their wings tested before the hunt began. But out of every fairy in Pixie forest, no one was as excited about this year’s hunt as Lavender, princess of the flower fairies.

No one except maybe Foxglove, the thistle fairy. Foxglove hated Lavender and all other flower fairies because they forgot to invite her to a tea party with the bumble bees, they had apologised but Foxglove had grown bitter and ignored them.

Now she saw this as her chance to get back at them by becoming their queen, her first order would be to ban all tea parties. Instead all the flower fairies would be forced to plant thistle weed.

With determination in every fairy to win this year’s crystal, whether that was fairly or -in foxglove’s case- unfairly. The pine cone hit the ground signalling the start of the game with a BAM! A flurry of wings rose up as dozens of fairies flew down from pixie forest to begin the search for the hidden crystal.

Lavender was a very fast flying fairy and before anyone could get there, Lavender had checked every nook and cranny in Freemans Orchard. Whizzing past a family of cabbage butterflies who were chatting around a butterfly bush, with a “Sorry, I can’t stop.” She dipped in and out of the haunted castle, jumping over rafters and sliding down banisters. But all she found was a family of rather annoyed mice and no crystal.

Now usually Lavender didn’t ask for help, but she was feeling like she’d looked everywhere and besides all fairies were allowed to ask for one clue to help them find the crystal. The keeper of clues was Egiton, the boat frog. He was one of the oldest frogs alive at the age of 500 years old, and he loved to joke about it.

When Lavender found him he was rowing a stick insect to shore, worried he’d row away she quickly called out her question to him. “High up we can bounce, standing on one leg. To the sky we fly without wings,” said Egiton, confusing Lavender more than ever.

“I can help if you’d like,” said a young dragonfly, who had been keenly watching Lavender search for the crystal. Lavender had heard that young dragonfly were untrustworthy, but this one seemed like a nice sort of dragonfly and not at all like a mean kind.

She also really wanted to find the crystal and win this treasure hunt. “Okay,” Lavender agreed, “but where should we look?” They both thought long and hard when suddenly a caterpillar sat munching on a mushroom gave Lavender an idea.

Leading the way, Lavender and the young dragonfly travelled to the big Bouncy Mushroom which sat just behind Dark Pool on the other side of the wall. Other fairies could be seen fluttering around the ship wreck, with it’s broken mass sticking out, Lavender and the young dragonfly stuck to searching the green undergrowth around the Bouncy Mushroom.

Going from branch to branch until she narrowly escaped falling down a grass snake’s home, and there, nestled into the grass was the shining crystal jewel. Happily Lavender reached for it, but before she could touch it the young dragonfly snatched it up and ran away.

Yelling and chasing after the dragonfly, Lavender could only follow it as far as the Rocky River before it plunged down under the waterfall and disappeared from view. Hurt by the betrayal, Lavender sat down and cried.

After a little while a fish popped her head up to see what all the noise was about. “Oh dear, oh dear, what’s wrong?” the fish asked Lavender, who cried even harder.

“It was one of my young wasn’t it? I bet it was,” called down an older dragonfly.

Lavender nodded and then began to tell them everything, “So you see, now I’ll never get that crystal back,” she finished. The older dragonfly made a sound like breaking twigs and said, “Oh yes you will, I’ll help you find it.”

“And me,” chirped in the fish with a splash of her tail.

With this said all three of them began looking for the young dragonfly who stole the crystal, until the dragonfly came zooming down from the sky with news. “I found it, quickly,” said the older dragonfly with excitement. Following it to a bushy area in Wild Weeds, Lavender watched as the young dragonfly offered the crystal to another fairy.

It was Foxglove. The thistle fairy had bribed the young dragonfly into deceiving Lavender and stealing the crystal so she could have it for herself. With an angry cry Lavender and the dragonfly stormed onto the scene, scaring the younger dragonfly and foxglove, who dropped the crystal to hide under a bush.

But the bush was full of thistles!

Poor Foxglove yelped and flew away as quick as can be and Lavender was able to safely bring the crystal back to Full Moon Pool. After she was crowned queen, queen Lavender declared that Easter hunting would only ever be done with chocolate as a prize and that the changing of a queen would be done through a vote. That way there would be no chance of a naughty thistle fairy trying to steal the crystal again.

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