Unusual Morning that changed Life forever

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looking back to the good old mmories that makes no sense or full sense now.

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Chapter 1

I have never experienced this before , I was literally dragged into the gates I looked deep into the eyes of the securities, it was a disappointment for me , did I ever mean to be put away from my parents?

They pulled me to the room where things were arranged in such a way it will attract the children, but I was sure not to be left behind.

I wanted to go with Mama..

I wanted to ask Dad why does he want me to be here, but then suddenly I saw her , yes the replica of my sister , the voice of a mother, she called me she hugged me into her arms, but still I was not comfortable.

I rolled and cried as far as I could, as louder I was able to , I saw them leaving me saying Bye!.!. That was the last word of disappointment.

Then she carried me inside, I was able to see the paintings on the wall , all do beautiful, just like made for kids , but still not pleasant, every where it was a huge cry , though I made up my mind on seeing others cry I was taken away. I call it a horrible day. [Hope it was the same in your case too]

I did not like to eat my favorite snack nor bothered to have lunch. But all I was waiting was for my parents to come back and take me with them. Each second was like a billion years , having known non one , sitting in a chair so uncomfortable, tears rolling down the cheeks , not able to breath, it was tough , really tough .

I was able to cope it up till the days evening I was able to see familiar faces after a long wait , I was angry, I dint feel like talking to them but still I cannot stay back here any longer, I went towards them , I was carried by my Dada, I sensed how much he would have missed me too

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