Noel the Christmas Goat

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This is a children's story that I wrote awhile ago based on a goat we got from a Lamancha Farm (a goat that has no ears). So when she came to our farm and we raise lop rabbits and other animals with floppy ears. I am also a teacher and am always teaching lessons on Bullying. I know the story needs some editing but I wanted to get some comments of feedback.

Children / Fantasy
Beth Burke
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Noel the Christmas Goat

Noel is a goat and she lived on a farm with a bunch of other goats.

These goats were not like Noel, they had very short ears on their heads.

Noel had big floppy ears.

All the animals on this farm had short pointy ears. The animals all made fun of Noel’s ears.

The other goats called her “Flip Flop” and the Bunnies laughed at her floppy ears.

The chicken always asked her how she could walk and not trip over those long ears.

Everyone on the farm made fun of her floppy ears.

One day the farmer decided to have a petting farm and invite all the local children to come see his animals.

Noel is hopefully that she would be chosen to be a part of the petting farm, but the farmer put her in the barn.

Noel was very sad and watched through a small hole in the wall.

All the other goats getting treats and being petted by the children of the town.

Noel wished she could be like them and then she could be out there too.

Fall ended and winter began, the barn became very cold.

The other goats wouldn’t let Noel in the stall with them, so she curls up in a stall all alone in the straw.

One day a man came to the farm and said he is looking for a goat, a very special goat.

The farmer showed the man all his best goats with their short pointy ears.

The man kept shaking his head at each goat, saying they just were not right.

Then the man saw Noel all alone in a corner of the barn.

He walked over to her, he talked to her and she saw him smile as he patted her head.

He then talked to the farmer and they shook hands.

The man put a rope on Noel and brought her out of the barn and put her in a truck.

Noel was scared of the truck and the man has to lift her into it.

The truck was very loud as they drove down the road.

They come to another farm. This one was decorated in bright colorful lights.

The man lifts her out of the truck and led her to a new barn.

As she entered the barn she saw bunnies just like her old farm, but these bunnies had long floppy ears!

She then saw other goats just like her old farm, but they all had long floppy ears!

As the man put her in a pen filled with straw a dog ran up to great her and the dog had long floppy ears too!

All the other goats came over to the fence to greet her and welcome her to the herd.

No one teased her or made any comments about her long ears.

The man give Noel a treat, patting her on the head and said “Merry Christmas Noel!

Welcome to Dream Weaver Farm. This is your new home, Noel the Christmas goat!

"You will love our Christmas petting farm I think you will be our new star!!” Said the farmer, Noel has found where she belonged.

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