cat and mouse

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a mouse learns that not all cats are mean.

Children / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Paul walked out of his hole in the wall, looking left and right. he took a breath, and then something pouched on him, it was the cat. Paul screeched, the cat's paw on his chest. Paul tired to move his way out of the cat's paw. "help me! help-" paul screamed. "shhhh!" the cat whispered. "are you trying too get yourself hurt?" Paul looked at the cat, confused. "w-what?" Paul said in a daze. "the man in the blue coat is trying to hurt you!" the cat hissed. Paul just stared at the cat. "now, get out!" the cat let go and let Paul run into the hole in the wall. "you don't pay me back!" Paul heard echoed as he ran into the hole.

years later, the cat had kittens and moved into a new home, and Paul also moved in the new home, without knowing that the cat moved in as well. one day, one of the kittens, Oscar, was out traveling in the farm they lived on, but there was a fox, and he wanted Oscar, the fox hunted him down. the fox growled as he got ready to jump on the kitten. then, Paul bit the fox on the ear as hard as he could. the fox screamed and Oscar heard and saw the fox and ran away to his mom. Paul had saw the fox hunting the poor kitten, and he knew that he wanted to help the cat, as she did all those years ago. later, when the cat asked him why he helped, he said, "you help me, so i have to pay you back."

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