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Started off as Childhood enemies

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Being just 13-year-olds, The twins Mia and Mya's life is destroyed with drama and romance. Can they overcome this type of love just in Middle school or will they just ignore it and let it ruin their lives. *********************** Mia had Hated her sister's friend ( Damien) ever since, but now it's making her feel worse about herself. Damien is the school's bad boy for some reason that's still on known. When Damien and Mia start fighting, things get messy. ************************* Mya had hated her sister's friend(Jeff) ever since, when those two are assiged to do a project together miracles happened. ****************************** Will the twins be able to forget their past with these boys and move on to the actual present. Read to find out. Book one of Started off as childhood enemies.

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" Hurry up Mia you're gonna be late" My twin sister Mya called me as I hurried to the bus stop.

I wonder how she could wake up so early in the morning just for school. And the fact that she didn't wake me up just made me angrier at her. This is what usually happened every school morning. It usually happened like this, Mya wakes up and gets ready, while I sleep in and end up rushing things.

" The bus is almost here Mia, next time you'll have to walk to school" Mya yelled at me.

" Geez, calm down, It's not my fault, I can't wake up early" I yelled back at her.

" Only if you could put your phone down and sleep at night, you could make it to the bus stop just in time," Mya said.

Caroline Mya's best friend walked over to our bus spot. It seems that I'm not the only one late, and that's good cuz I got someone to join me as well.

Caroline had blond hair and green eyes which were usually covered by her long bangs. She had a beige skin tone with had braces. She really dislikes her braces but honestly, she looked good in it.

" Heyy" Mya hugged Caroline from the back like their usual routine every morning.

" Hey and Thank God I made it here just in time, I thought my parents would have to drive me to school again" Caroline gasped.

Caroline hated being driven to school by her parents because they always got out of the car with her and greeted the teachers which was always an embarrassing scene. It always was for teens.

" Well, good thing you're here" Mya responded smiling and patting Caroline like a puppy.

Caroline brushed parts of her hair back since Mya messed it back.

"Um...Someone talk to me please" I snapped. " I just KNOW I'm gonna be third-wheeling AGAIN"

" You might as well make it a routine for yourself" Caroline giggled.

I just couldn't wait to reach school and have a morning chat with Natalia, whose been my best friend forever. We've been friends ever we were in diapers.....Literally. I was being teased after I took a dump in my diapers and my nursery teacher didn't even notice until that stench started smelling.

The nursery bully at that time, Micheal, called over his friends and started bullying me. Natalia came and defended me though. Everyone knew Micheal like Natalia so he couldn't bully her. The sad thing is that Natalia is not on the same bus as I am, meaning I have to continue third-wheeling Caroline and Mya until somehow we reach high school or college where I could finally buy my own car.

Our school bus pulled up at our spot after a few minutes of torture but it honestly felt like hours. You might think I'm exaggerating, but exaggerating is the definition of me so deal with it. I entered the bus following Caroline and Mya who normally sat in the middle seat. I decided to sit in the back seat since I just usually liked sitting in the back seat for some reason, it's refreshing I guess especially when there's someone to talk to(Jeff).

" Hey come sit" Jeff called patted next to an empty spot next to him.

" Oh hey," I called back, waving at him, and went to sit next to him.

He had copper-red hair, which was really gorgeous. It was only gorgeous to me because it reminded me of roses. His hazel brown eyes also matched perfectly with his hair color.

You can call Jeff cute, but I wasn't really focused on his looks.

" Whassup, you look lonely ... as usual" He exclaimed smiling.

" Are you even surprised?" I asked shaking my head.

"Oh which girl stage are you going through right now," He asked." Is it your cramps or PMS?"

" Shut up, this isn't a girl stage" I sighed and took out my phone hoping Natalia was online so I could chat with her.She wasn't online........just great.

" If it isn't a girl stage what is it then?" Jeff scratching his head like he was even thinking about it.

" I was third-wheeling Mya and Caroline AGAIN, they were giving me a headache," I said dramatically.

"Oh, that happens every morning," Jeff says and takes out a paper ball and shoots it at a 6th grade who sat in the front seat of the bus. The 6th grader was a boy who shook for a moment, but he took the ball and didn't shoot it at Jeff.

If I was that six-grade boy, I would've shot back at him.

" There's no need to bully the 6th graders' Jeff, remember we were once like them" I heard Mya (like the mom she is)exclaim from the middle seat where she sat with Caroline who was busy fixing her hair.

" Shut up Ratchet hair" Jeff insulted Mya.

I shot him a dirty look and punched him in the stomach (maybe a little too hard)." Just remember that she's still my sister"

" Ouch " He groans

"Don't worry Mia" Mya calls out again." Remember Ratchet can be used to describe something exciting and excellent so thank you for your compliment."

Jeff squinted his eyes and rolled his eyes. I laugh slightly trying my best to hide it so Jeff wouldn't get angry.

Jeff scoffed and slump back in his seat. I mostly try to calm him down but for once, I let him be.

It didn't take him seconds to even calm down and turn around to talk to his friend about football. Now once again, I'm alone again.

" NOO, Another day of torture" Natalia cried after she hugged me.
"Now do you understand why I love half-days," I ask.
"Yes, very much" Natalia closed her locker. In her hands were her science and Ela binder, her Chromebook, and her pencil case that had her earbuds, lotion, gum, and a head tie.
Natalia was a brown-haired girl with freckles and green eyes.She was a really good looking girl but preferred staying single.
" Let's get going to advisory class," I say as I get my science and Ela binder, followed by my pencil case, which included some things that teachers would not allow in their classroom. But I don't care, I do what I want.
" Yeah let's go, I'm not planning to get another tardy slip,"
" HAHA" I laughed off.
Natalia stopped in her tracks." But seriously, if tardy slips were money, I would be rich"

" Hello class, I hope you all are doing great today anyways let's head right into today's class, Can you all girls and boys take out yesterday's letter, that was given to you students to be signed by your parents" My teacher Mrs. Drexel instructed.
" Shoot, I forgot about that, " Mumbled Damien who in the back seat.
Damien has been my childhood enemy ever since. He is such a carefree punk. I mean back in 6th grade he was titled as the playboy since he dated some of the girls in higher grades and then dumped them, letting them cry off and joining his fan base. Girls got into fights just to win him over and he could've cared less. He was popular also because of his attitude towards adults in the school and teachers seem to even give up on disciplining him. Honestly, nothing can change him.
Yes, he was a handsome jerk with his brown hair that seriously needed to be braided at least once by one of his girlfriends. His light brown eyes were kind of rare to have but still looked good on him. His jawline somehow looked breathtaking with a perfect line. I remember girls who had him during gym class were envied because they could just see him sweat. Apparently, he looked much hotter in sweats. Like seriously. But I wasn't like those crazy fangirls. I was also sure I wasn't friends with over-obsessed girls who loved and praised Damien. But in conclusion, I wasn't even one bit ready to be stuck in love and ruin the rest of my life with love stuff.
I placed my letter in front of me as Mrs. Drexel collected them one by one. After a few minutes of collecting other students returning the letter, Mrs. Drexel finally realized that Damien hadn't returned his letter.
" Mr. Carson, where's your letter?," Mrs.Drexel asked Damienafter she had reached his desk.
He sighed and looked up to Mrs. Drexel and growled lowly."I forgot to get that crap signed," He simply says.
Who does he think he is to talk like that to a teacher? I mean he wasn't even some type of god or something.
" Please see me after class," Mrs. Dexel says patiently.
Where does she get her patience from? Cause wherever she bought it, I'll go buy it too.
" Pfft," Damien mumbled annoyed.
What's his problem?
I don't know what got into me but before I knew it, I said it. I said what I had been wanting to say all those years.

" Why do you waste your time on a jerk like him?"
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