fire /ˈfī(ə)r/ i

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Young Jane Everly is captured and brought to interstellar space, going on a mind-blowing action-filled adventure to get back home.

Children / Action
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A husky cold wind blew from the west of the town as a figure in dark clothes crept across the dark, moonlit streets. He stopped at a dark alley, carefully surveying the vacant are and smiled a dark smile and gave a short, ill-tempered laugh.

He took a warm container from his pocket that was filled with a strange-looking vial filled with a red liquid that glowed bright against the dark night sky.

Taking the vial tip and violently yanking it off, he downed the whole vial and convulsed slightly. He then took a slight sip from a small tube filled with a milky white fluid.

“Ahh…” He sighed contentedly. “It’s done. Nothing can stop the change!”

Wa-wa-waaaaa! ” A baby, cradled by her mother, started crying from birth. The mother’s eyes, tired but caring, once in a while saw orange flashes, but she thought, I’m just tired. I’m hallucinating.

The father, an old man, smiled caringly, but in that smile you could see a glint of an evil smile. But the moment was so overwhelming, no one noticed.

“Fire has been sent to her location,” the man said, bowing to a purple-cloaked man. “The plan is going along smoothly. We’ve had a few minor hiccups that we’ve already worked out.”

“Yes,” the purple man said. “Soon, they will be ready. The world, the entire universe, will change exponentially. Purple will consume!”

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