The last summer

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It’s the last summer for a group of soon to be middle schoolers. Will they get to do all they want to do before they are forced to grow up?

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The last day of 6th grade.

It was the last day of 6th grade, and Avery, a sweet innocent girl with brown hair was sitting in English class watching the clock tick. Olivia, a bossy, but kind girl with blonde hair and glasses was in math class, doing some equations. Noah, a smart, and very nice kid was having a party in Art class. And lastly, the twins of the friend group, Eli (Elijah) and Taytumn were both at home sick and were sad that they couldn’t be with the other kids on the last day of school. Ring Ring Ring! Schools out. The kids all rush to the front of the school and all start talking at the same time. “Wanna head to my house?” Noah said. “Sure!” All of the other kids say at the same time.

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