Baking diaries:The family tradition

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Chapter 10 playdate

Erike, Victoria,leo,and Emily went in Emily's room and Emily said "What do you want to do"? Erike said "Whatever Emily wants to do" Leo said "Whatever Victoria wants to do" Emily and Victoria said "First play hide and seek then BAKE" Erike said "I will be it" "K" Victoria and Emily and Leo said So they all hid "Here I not here I come" Erike said "Found you Leo I can see you under the kitchen table" "Come on seriously" Leo said "Found you Victoria I see you in the pantry" "Really wow" "Okay now Emily is the last to find" Erike said 1 hour later "Emily I give up" Erike said Emily said "I am coming out of my hiding spot"Emily ran to her friends Erike said "where were you" Emily said "Oh I was hiding in a mini house and then I went to the pantry and then I went under the table and then I went back in the pantry and stayed there" "Wow" Erike said in amazement Victoria said "Me and Emily will bake while you guys can do anything" So Emily and Victoria went to the kitchen to bake and leo and Erike went up in Emily's room to talk about the girls in a nice way when the cookies were ready Erike and Leo went down to the kitchen and said "Can we have one cookie please" Emily and Victoria said "sure" so they all took one cookie but when Erike was done he ran to Emily's !ok crystal and said "can I have a sleepover with Emily please" Crystal said "Sure I will text everyone's mom's if they can have a sleepover too" so crystal texted the mom's and they all said yes Crystal said to Erike "they said yes so you can have a sleepover with Emily Victoria and Leo" Erike ran and told everyone they can have a sleepover the friends said "Yay"

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