Somethings last forever but not friendship

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6 Weeks later

Candy didn't graduate

Candy started to cry as she watched her best friend for life and twin sister, go on to continue her life at college. The college both girls had dreamed about going to together since they were old enough to know what they wanted to do with their lives after they graduated high school.

I can’t believe that she would continue with OUR plan for college! She wanted to go to Macalester WITH me, but now she is just as satisfied going alone?! She betrayed me, all because I did not pass the twelfth grade!? What kind of sibling does that to her sister, especially her twin who is seconds older!?

What she didn’t know was that Sugar was crying too because she felt that she had betrayed her sister by not waiting for Candy to catch up with her.

Maybe it is for the best. This way we can both learn who we are, and what we like to do without having to compromise.

Sugar thought as the plane to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport started to taxi out to the runway. She turned to the small airplane window and looked one last time out to see her family watching her leave, with tears in their eyes. Even though she knew they couldn’t see her from the distance she still put her hand on the small window as the place where her family stood blurred into the clouds.

Simultaneously, subconsciously, both girls put her hand on their sides and thought of what life would have been like if they had never been disjoined. Candy and Sugar were born as conjoined twins and when they were a couple of months old their parents decided that it was for the best to have them separated. Little did they know that the bond of sharing a body even for the little amount that they did is forever. The girls were just as inseparable as they would have been if they had never been separated.
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