Somethings last forever but not friendship

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In Minneapolis

“I should call Candy. I feel bad leaving her behind when we had planned this next step together. We opened our acceptance letters together. We even requested to be roommates."

"Sugar? What's wrong? Why are you calling already? You just landed fifteen minutes ago! Is everything as perfect as WE had hoped?" Candy angrily interrogated her sister.

"Hey Candy. Everything is fine. I felt guilty because Macalester was your dream school as well as mine. It was OUR dream, the dream I took while you had to continue in the school and small town, in the middle of nowhere California, that we BOTH wanted to escape as soon as possible. And no, it is not nearly as perfect as we dreamed because the other half of me isn't here."

Candy just sat with tears streaming down her cheeks, speechless, because she had convinced herself that her sister wanted to be away from her, when really she didn't. There was a pregnant pause while Candy cried on the other line. Sugar began to get worried that her sister didn't love her the way she did her.

"Candy? I am so sorry that I left. I love you so much. I wish you could be here with me. Like I said before this was OUR dream not just mine. I will do whatever I can do help you through twelfth grade again and all throughout college. I promise you I won't leave you behind ever again. When I graduate from college I will stay with you and help you and then we can start over together once school is over," gushed Sugar.

"I love you too! I know that you didn't do it on purpose. I should have tried harder in Calc. but I didn't so now I am paying the price. I deserve this. Because I finished all but three of my high school credits last year, I think I should be able to graduate early. So maybe I can come in midyear and get a semester under my belt," reasoned Candy.

Three weeks after Sugar moved to Minneapolis, Candy started her, second, senior year, in high school. On the first day, Candy woke up in the room that she had always shared with her sister. She looked at the bed where Sugar would have slept, if she weren't across country in college, and started bawling her eyes out. She cried so hard and long that her parents and younger sister rushed in to see if she was hurt. Which she was, just not physically. Her family saw her lamenting her sister's absence even though she knew exactly where she was, and what she was doing, and talked to her for hours each day. When your twin, and best friend with whom you've never spent more than a day away from follows her dream -- AND yours--while you stay behind in Buttonwillow repeating the twelfth grade, it takes its toll on a person.

“Mom? Can I please stay home today? I can’t bear going to school..” moaned Candy.

“I am sorry sweetie but you can’t. It is the first day of your senior year,” apologized her mother.

“Second senior year. I already did my senior year last year with Sugar.” corrected Candy.

“Right, sorry it is the first day of your second senior year. But what about all the information teachers give out on the first day?” repeated her mom.

“Can I at least go late or come home early? I already know my way around the school having gone there for four years already. I know all my teachers, and I know all the stuff that teachers go over on the first day of school,” Candy persisted.

Eventually Candy’s mom gave in to her daughter’s insistence because she saw how much she missed her twin.

“Ok fine. You can come home after lunch but only today because after today the homework and classwork will commence.”

Unpredictably, giving in to Candy made her sister want to come home early as well.

“Mommy? Can I come home after lunch too?” inquired seven year old Spice.

“NO! I only get to come home because I can drive myself home, and anyway I already did this fucking grade at school. And last time I checked you didn’t already do second grade!” snapped Candy at her sister. Spice was so taken aback by her sister’s outburst, especially because she, Candy, and Sugar typically had a great relationship despite the twelve year age gap, and she started to cry.

“Candace Grace Pierce! Apologize to your sister and mind your language! And for that now you can’t come home early.”

“Spice, I am so sorry, I lost my temper just then. I can’t function well without Sugar, but that is not an excuse for my actions. I am so sorry again. Can we be friends still? I need my little sister.”

“Definitely Candy! I love you so much! I know you miss Sugar, we all do. But it affects you much more than the rest of us because she is your twin, best friend and partner in crime. I hope that we can be partners in crime someday though,” accepted Spice.

The two sisters grew closer and closer as the year wore on. Candy and Sugar were both doing well in school. Candy was ecstatic when she was told by the guidance counselor that she could, in fact graduate high school after December term and go to Macalester. Candy instantly picked up her phone, bought her ticket and called her sister in Minnesota.

“Candy? What’s up? It is midnight you know?” yawned Sugar.

“I am sorry that I woke you but I have great news! I can come to Macalester after Christmas break!” gushed Candy.

“What?!?! Are you serious??? That is great! I can’t wait!” Sugar asked fully awake now.

“Worth being woken at midnight?”

“Definitely! Any kind of news or call from you is worth the early wake up call.”

“Aww! Thanks.”

The girls wished each other a good night and promised to talk at a time that wasn’t in the middle of the night.

At breakfast that morning Candy broke the news to her family about her graduating early and going to Macalester in the new year. Her parents congratulated her even though they were upset, but Spice’s reaction was unexpected. When she heard that her sister was leaving in two months she burst into tears and ran into her room slamming the door behind her. The three remaining, stood up at the same time, but Candy said “I got it.”

Candy cautiously made her way to her sister’s bedroom, and tentatively knocked on the door.

“Spice? Can I talk to you?”

“Why are you leaving? Don’t you love me?” Spice inquired, after opening the door to let her sister in.

“Awww! Spice, of course I love you. Sugar and I have been planning our college experience since we were a couple years older than you are now. I am not leaving you, not really. We will come home for all the long breaks and we will call you everyday. I promise no matter how much we have going on, we will make time for our favorite little sister. Ok?”

“Ok fine. But I am still not happy that you’re leaving.”

“I know. I accept that fact. It is hard being the one left behind. I know how you feel. I will call you as soon as I land in Minneapolis just like Sugar did me, when she left. If you want you could come visit the campus when you are older and you could stay with us. We will never ever say no our little sister. Sound like a plan?

“Yeah! I would love that! Thanks Candy, you are the greatest. Oh and Candy, technically I am your only little sister.”

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