Somethings last forever but not friendship

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New Changes

The semester report cards arrived, at the Pierce house in Buttonwillow, one week into the summer holidays. Candy nor either of her sisters were home for their arrival, because she and Sugar had taken Spice on a sibling bonding camping trip in the Rockies.

Not knowing what was in the envelopes the twins’ parents opened them to find that Sugar had barely passed her second semester courses while Candy had gotten straight A’s. They had just assumed that the grades had been typed onto the wrong, it isn’t that hard especially they are identical twins who used to dress identically. Surely Sugar hadn’t almost flunked her first year at college. Mrs. Pierce knew her girls. Sugar would never let a day go by without having studying for at least an hour and a half and making Candy do the same. The grades on the report cards didn’t seem right for Sugar, the one who she knew at least, she didn’t know what the girls had been through over the semester because they only ever talked to Spice and she never relayed the conversations to her parents.

All three of the Pierce girls had always been secretive especially when it came to the other two. Mr. and Mrs. Pierce loved that the girls, even with the age difference, were all very close, and let the secretivity go on without thinking about the consequences that they (the parents) would discover later on.

Mrs. Pierce decided that she ought to call her daughter even though she was on a bonding trip with her sisters.


“Sugar, why are there a lot of ‘D’s and not a single ‘A’ on your report card? Did the office mix the cards up? Did you get punished for Candy’s slacking off? Did-”

“Errr…. um….. I, how to put this? I- the cards are correct. Candy did better than me this semester. I know, I know. I am the one who studies late into the night and she is the one who parties but college changes people. You said so yourself, right before we left after Christmas holidays. I... kind of excluded Candy from my friends giving her a very limited friend group and forcing her to study a lot more than me. We both deserve the grades that we got. What did Candy get she is anxiously awaiting her grades.”

“Sugar Samantha Pierce! How dare you exclude your best friend, and twin! She did nothing but mourn your absence while you were in Minneapolis and she was in here California. And to answer her question she received straight ‘A’s. Tell her congratulations. And you young lady are grounded until you go back to school in three and a half months. No television, computer, friends, nothing! Read a book, study, or talk to your sisters.”

When the sisters returned from their camping expedition, Candy and Spice went to the mall to meet up with some of their friends (the sisters and their friends went different directions from one another) while Sugar started in on her studying for the upcoming term. One could say the atmosphere at the Pierce house was spoiled by the mood of the sisters not being able to do stuff altogether outside the house without the eyes of their parents watching Sugar. All in all the summer was a success in more ways than one, Sugar caught up on all her studying and took a bunch of tests online so she could move on to sophomore year, Candy and Spice continued their bond that had sprouted earlier in the year and Candy reunited with all of her old friends. Candy decided that Macalester wasn’t where she was meant to be after all despite her grades, she didn’t feel that she truly belonged there. She had no true friends there, so she decided to transfer to the small college, where a majority of her high school friends went, and not too far from where her family was.

Once again the Pierce clan went to the airport to see Sugar off and this time there was more bickering between mother and daughter than tears.

“Yes mother. For the eighteenth time I promise I will study more this semester and get the highest grade I can. And I will call Spice, and Candy,” Sugar said slightly annoyed and added after a glare from her mother, “AND you and Dad”.

Then she was off down the jet bridge not to been seen again until Christmas holiday. Despite having grown apart the two twins never forgot that the other was for ever part of her and once again (as whenever they felt unsure, scared, or just sad,) both girls put their hand on the spot where they had once been physically connected as they each started their new life forever separate.

The End!

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