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Hello friends 😊😊

Happy teacher's day 🤗🤗🤗

On this occasion, I'd like to present before you the story of a blind girl who aspires to become an inspiring teacher....

Hope you all love this😊


This is the story of a little, blind girl whose name is “Swapna“. Her family is very rich. Her father’s name is “Murali” and her mother is “Sarada“. She is 10 years old now. Swapna aspires to become a great teacher but she thinks,

"Since I’m blind, I cannot achieve anything in my life. I can’t become a teacher. I can’t fulfill my dreams”

She cries everyday about her blindness before the idol of lord Krishna in her prayer room,

“Lord Krishna! Why did you make me born as blind? What mistake did I commit? Did I harm anyone any day? No, why are you punishing me then?”

Coming to her parents, they have abundant wealth but no happiness inside, they always worry about their daughter. They feel that their daughter’s blindness is because of the sins which they committed in their previous janm (birth).

One day, the family goes to a wedding function. Murali’s friend greets him there

Murali friend: How are you Murali?

Murali: I’m fine, what about you?

Murali friend: I’m fine too. Who are along with you?

Murali introduces his wife and daughter. Murali’s friend greets them too, he doubts if Swapna is blind and asks Murali in a low tone,

“Is your daughter blind?”

Immediately, Murali becomes sad and answers him in a pale tone, “Yes”.

Murali’s friend pities on her,

“Oh! How unlucky you are! You got a child after many years of your marriage and that child is born blind. I think you have done any sin in your previous birth so lord is punishing you giving a blind daughter. Hey lord! Please excuse my friend and show some mercy.”

His words hurt Swapna deeply and she immediately leaves the place and runs towards their car in gloom. She starts weeping in the car. Murali and Sarada, follows her without telling anything to Murali’s friend. Murali tries to calm his daughter. Swapna cries,

“Maa and Papa! You are facing bad words because of me.You would have been happy if I had not been there.”

Immediately Sarada gets furiated,

“Don’t say such words dear. You are our only daughter. How can we live without you? You need not think about someone else’s words. Forget them. We are always with you dear”, and consoles her tapping her shoulder gently but Murali friend’s words are still inflicting their minds internally.

Such instances happened several times which pushed Swapna in grave depression. Such bad words from neighbours, her father’s friends made Swapna feel that she’s useless and helpless.

MORAL:- A popular notion and a big superstition....physical disabilities (such as blindness, deafness etc) are given by god as a punishment for sins committed in previous birth...this is completely absurd and senseless.

Swapna loves playing with children but no one joins her and befriends her because she is blind. One day, she hears screams of some children who have been playing before her house when she is hearing news in the radio. She also wants to play with them and tells her mom,

“Ma! Some children are playing near our house, I too want to play. Shall I go?”

Her mother smiles and allows her “Yes, but be careful Swapna”

Swapna replies “OK” and goes joyfully outside. Children are playing different types of games. Some are playing KHO-KHO, while some, “RINGA-RINGA ROSES”. Some are playing “POLICE & THIEF”. She requests them that she’ll play along with them, but none has joined her. Some boys even have smirked at her,

“Hey blind girl! Get out of our way! How can you play with us?”

Swapna immediately raises her voice in anger,

“Why are you all laughing? Why can’t I play with you?”

Immediately those boys comment satirically on her,

“Because you are blind. You can’t see anything. If you play with us, you’ll fall down for sure and get injured”

She immediately becomes very much disappointed, turns back with sad visage and is returning to her home. Harsh comments of those boys break her heart down.

Swapna starts wailing,

“Hey Krishna!! Why did you give this disability? I can’t fulfill my aspirations. I can’t even have fun for sometime playing with friends. Inspite of being very rich, my parents are suffering a lot because of me. My blindness has taken away all happiness from me”. Tears have started streaming down from her eyes.

Suddenly, a little girl enters into that street. She is very pretty and cute, and carrying an enchanting smile on her lips. She is looking like a blossoming flower. Many children get amazed at her as they never saw her there before. She comes beside Swapna and pats on her shoulder. Her gentle touch has given a warm feeling to Swapna. Immediately she clears her tears, turns around and asks who she’s.

She replies in a sweet tone,


Her cute voice can please anyone.

Harshita: (in a soft and melodious tone) Nice to meet you friend! I’ve recently shifted to this street as my father got transfer for this city. I’m studying 3rd class. As I’m younger than all these children, they are not joining me in their games. Nobody is playing with me. Will you atleast play with me?


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