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Swapna(amazed at her): Nice to meet you but, didn’t you see I am blind? I can’t play with you.

Harshita: So what, if you are blind? Who told you that blind people can’t play? A game is there, person’s eyes are tied with a handkerchief and he has to catch the fellow players using hints or directions given by them In that game, one player is made blind right? If you don’t like this, let’s play RINGA-RINGA ROSES or London bridge.

Swapna: If I fall down in the middle or if I get any injuries?

Harshita: I’m your friend, why l will let you fall? I will take care of you from thorns and everything

Swapna gets delighted hearing her words. She is the first person, who has ever talked in such gentle and friendly manner.

Harshita: Meanwhile, what’s your name friend?

Swapna(replies smiling): Swapna

Harshita: Nice name friend, shall we start playing?

Both play joyfully and become good friends in a short time. Harshita comes daily to her house and spends time with Swapna. She has freed Swapna from her loneliness and depression. Swapna introduces her to her parents too, she tells about their first meet and how their friendship has strengthened. Her parents felt overwhelmed as their daughter got a good generous friend and is also relieved from loneliness.

One day, Harshitha comes into Swapna’s house for her and searches her allover but couldn’t find her. She hears the cries of Swapna’s mother coming from prayer room and goes there. Whenever Swapna’s mother observes any child going to school, she weeps heavily because her daughter cannot go to school and fulfill her ambition. Today morning too, same thing happened and sincd then, she has sat down before Krishna’s idol and been crying,

“Prabhu(lord)! My little daughter wants to become a teacher but you made it impossible for her and devastated all her dreams. Is this justice, prabhu for such innocent girl?”

Harshitha listens this and understands about Swapna’s desires. Meanwhile Swapna returns from market. Harshitha sees her, takes her to her room.

Harshitha: Do you want to become a teacher?

Swapna: How do you know this?? Yes, I want to, but it’s impossible (in a pale tone)

Harshitha: How I came to know about this matter is not important. First of all, tell me why are you feeling it’s impossible? And if you want to become a teacher, why are you not going to school? How can you become a teacher without studying?

Swapna: (astounds) I’m blind. How can I study? How can I read books without eyes?

Harshita: Yes, good question? A blind man named Louis Braille felt the same, but he didn’t sit silent and invented Braille script which had enabled all blind people too to read.

Swapna: (amazes) Really?

Harshita: (smiles) Yes of course. Letters are in the form of raised bumps which can be felt by pressing fingers. You can read using those bumps. All blind people across the world today study using this script and there are schools especially for blind people and they take special care.

Swapna: (overjoyed)Wow (suddenly doubts) but can I do that? Everyone says that I committed grave sins in my previous birth so god is punished me making me blind and he won’t let anything good to happen for me.

Harshita: No, not at all…, these are just foolish superstitions. Blindness is not because of sins of your previous birth or punishment from god. Every human being has both strengths and weaknesses. Everyone who has eyes is not a priest and everyone who has physical disabilities is not a sinner.

Have you ever heard about Ashtavakra? You have only one disability, but he has eight such horrible disabilities. He couldn’t even move or eat properly but he became the most eminent sage of India and had proven his wisdom and talent.

And that Louis Braille lost his eyes at the age of three because of an accident. His father is a leather maker. Inspite of his blindness and poverty, he showed his excellence in science and music. He was a great renowned teacher too in French. He invented Braille script and gave life to crores of people like him and today his name has remained ever in the history. If god really wanted to punish him, how could he acquire so much fame?

Identify your strengths and improve them, don’t get depressed worrying about your disabilities. No human exists without any weakness.

Nothing is impossible and everything is possible, if you put all your hardship and dedication. You can definitely become a great and inspiring teacher. Fix the image of Louis Braille in your mind, make him your source of inspiration and then you’ll succeed for sure.

Harshita’s words clarify all the doubts of Swapna and boost up her confidence. Her words greatly influence her and she stops considering her inferior because of humiliation from neighbours. She tells about blind schools to her parents, they felt so happy after listening that their daughter too can study like others and live happily fulfilling her aspirations.

Murali joins her in a blind-children school near their house, the next day. Swapna starts studying, her life has taken a golden turn but Harshita’s father gets transfer to America one day suddenly and immediately leaves that town in a hurry. Harshita and Swapna couldn’t even get a chance to meet.

Swapna feels sad knowing this. She is missing a great friend but cannot do anything. She has started working hard daily. She never forgot words of Harshita. She passes graduation in the first class and later studies MA. She becomes a teacher in a blind children school and becomes an icon and inspiration for her students too. They too achieved great heights with her motivation. Her passion towards teaching, dedication and hardwork has been appreciated by everyone. Her fame has been spread overall India. Her students too love her teaching and her inspiring personality very much. She has even received “BEST TEACHER OF THE STATE” award from the hands of Chief-Minister of that state.

She has been invited for a NDTV programme, “INSPIRING MINDS” on this occasion.

Anchor: How are you feeling mam after receiving such great honour? Mam! Despite your blindness, you have risen above everyone and today are in a great position.

Mam, haven’t you ever face any hurdles/humiliations in your way? Many physically disabled people will be in a illusion that their life is useless, but you have proven they aren’t at all less. Who has inspired you to do all these?

Swapna:(smiles) Even I’m one among those who used to feel I am useless. Lives of all disabled people are full of humiliations and insults even mine. But, today I’m in such a honourable position because of one person, about whom I should share to everyone. She is my childhood friend, Harshita.

(tears roll from Swapna’s eyes, she wipes them)

Yes. A real friend is one who picks you when you fall. She is the best example of a good friend and I am always thankful. She has taken away all my delusions, inferiority feeling and gave me spirit that I can too achieve anything like others. If she didn’t come into my life, I’d have been in depression forever and would not have attained a position where I myself inspire others but unfortunately we got separated.

I’d like to suggest onething for everyone who are watching this show. Choose good friends because a friend can change your entire life.

Harshita (tears comes again)! I hope you are also watching this show! I’m missing you a lot my dearest friend. I don’t know where you are at present but I’m craving for our meet.

My Present Address: ShantiNagar Colony, Dwaraka, Door No:1-7/A.

My Phone No:×××××

Hope you’ll either come or ping me atleast

Harshita, in America, also has been watching this show, her eyes have been filled with tears. She gets delighted to see the fame and status of her friend. She also feels overjoyed when she is describing her.

Harshita immediately calls her,


Swapna: (lifts call) Who is this??

Harshita: Swapna! Me, this is Harshita, your dearest childhood buddy (filled with ecstasy)

Swapna: (tears stream down on her face) Harshita, is this you? My heartiest gratitude to supreme lord, I didn’t expect that I could ever get to talk with you. (exhilarates)

As both are talking after many years, they have chitchatted joyfully. Both friends finally became one again.

MORAL: A friend can change your whole life.

Encourage your friends to be winners but don’t discourage.

Nothing is impossible and everything is possible with determination, confidence and hardwork.

——-THE END----


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