88 Days to Love

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If you knew how much time was left, how would you spend it? Money, fame, success - these are the only values that John Pan has ever known. Growing up in an unconventional single parent Asian household, John had his life paved out for him - or so he thought. Competitive, devoid of romance, and even selfish in some ways, John has always focused on reaching to be the best to satisfy his inner ego. When his wife is suddenly faced with a life or death situation, however, John is thrust into navigating through unfamiliar territory in order to discover what it truly means to be alive. Faced with unforeseen dilemmas, he must choose between truth and lies, love and selfish gains, as well as shattering the innocence of his kids. Just how far will he go before things unravel? And what will save him when his kids discover the truth? Told from the perspective of an Asian American, the story depicts the dichotomy between principles of Asian culture and Western culture when it comes to raising a family and how to intertwine the two. It is a story meant to dip into a wide range of emotions from love, betrayal, morality, but above all, it is about simply being human. Meant for readers of all ages who are looking for a spurt of inspiration, the story is meant to remind people about the important things that matter in life, especially in the face of the current issues in the world.

Children / Romance
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Love does not mean you will always agree,

see eye to eye,

or never have an argument.

It means despite the bad days

you still can’t see yourself

without that person.

- Anonymous

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