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what is a friend for you? According to me the person will always stand with you no matter what happens, they would never leave you alone, they trust you and encourage you. But as a friend what I did is unforgivable and disgrace. The story revolves around a boy who couldn't forgive himself for what he had done to his best friend.

Children / Drama
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A brightest weekend of the month, we were having our class teacher's birthday party. We were having a blast, the cake was delicious, decorations were great and our favourite teacher happier than ever.

On that day, I showed my friends how terrible as a friend I am. Without a second thought I stole my best friends watch but luckily no one haven't saw me. I couldn't resist myself but he doesn't had a doubt on me because he believed in me more than anyone in the class. And then I came back to home and showed everyone that the watch was a return gift from our class teacher and my mother and father believed this without hesitation. Everything was going well and no one took me as a suspect.

Then on Sunday, I was full of regrets because I lied to my parents and wore a mask of a trusted friend. I thought to write an apology to him and confess that I took his watch but I doesn't had this much courage to write my name own name on it, so I wrote 'loopin' on the letter but doesn't give the watch to him. The next day I just put that letter in his bag and when he open it he immediately handed it to the headmistress. The headmistress arranged a inspection and matched every students handwriting with the letter and finally she caught me. After that she took me to her office and said to confess, I tried to hide the truth but she heard what she finally wanted to hear. Now I felt more guilty than ever.

There's a phrase ' to hide one truth you have to give a hundred lies '. I did what I could but the truth was I am a lier and a thief. The headmistress told everything to my mother, class teacher and to my best friend. And finally I saw my trust on everyone was breaking into pieces. I became a thief infront of whole class, i made my mother cry and ruined my image infront of my class teacher.

The matter was closed by giving me a warning letter signed by my mother. It took a year for my mother to comeback to her usual self, after that incident no one ever talked to me, I sat alone during lunch periods where others use to be with there friends, even there was a rudeness on my teachers voice and my mother never talked to me from then. I was sitting in a room of complete darkness. Its been so many years after that incident but whenever I look into my warning letter or that place or that headmistress and class teacher, those memories starts teasing me and every single time I want die so badly. I wish I had a time machin.

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