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When three best friends with different problems of their own find out they're facing one big problem that they all share. Their love life. Rita's love life is Secretive Nina's love life is probably impossible while Letta's love life is complicated her past. Can these three besties overcome challenges to straighten up their love-life?

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That's how she treats her Dog

Rita's P.O.V:

Ever wondered how it would be like if you could just be in a school where all teachers weren't allowed to talk? Every time, my teachers raise their voice to teach, it's like a fan brushing by my ears and eyes causing me to sleep.

Which is a big bummer since I spent the morning trying to look my best. I only used mascara and some lip gloss today knowing that today was gym meaning, I would probably get sweaty from all the running and jogging that would take place in our gym class.

" Rita" I heard a whisper behind me nudging me to wake up.

I didn't have to even look behind to see it was. It was obvious that it was Letta. My worry not bestie. She had her white-blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail supporting the tightness with a rose gold scrunchie. I love scrunchies. She had on a red striped shirt. She also had on her blue jeans which matched perfectly with her shirt. Plus, I gave her that outfit combination. It's sometimes good to give credit to yourself.

" Wake up, We're supposed to be learning" She whispered to me while her bracelet making the click noises.

I don't take that as exactly whispering since I'm sure the people in the back row can hear her.

" Stop nudging me with that bracelet on," I say trying to recover from my sleepiness.

Right now, hearing my teacher speak tempted me more to sleep but of course, this little goodie two shoes behind me wouldn't let me. Even if Letta was my friend, she was always soo I don't know controlling in away. For example, last year, when I planned to lie about our age in order to enter the club, She freaked out like some momma whose child just got pregnant. She managed to hold Nina and I at her house like prisoners so we couldn't go to the club. Boy, it sucked. But I got to entertain because her house has some snacks.

" What do you mean," Letta asked stopped nudging me and touched her bracelet." This is our friendship bracelet"

Yes, indeed it was. Get it, was. Letta still treasures a 5-year expired friendship bracelet. It's not surprising, she treasures almost everything, even her old torn shoes, she says it's full of amazing memories.

What kind of amazing memories does her rotten shoe bring?

" It was our friendship bracelet, but now it's like so old-fashioned," I say flipping my black hair that was left to rest on my back.

" It doesn't matter how it looks like, the most important this is the meaning behind the bracelet," Letta says looking at me with this determination in her eyes.

" Fine whatever, just let me breathe," I say turning to the smartboard which had all these assignments needed to be completed this week.

Oh boy.

" Ok," Letta whispered back and slipped back into her seat. I'm just praying this boring class ends sooner or later.

"Hey, you two" A voice calls from behind Letta and me as we were taking our supplies from our locker to our next class.
We turn around to meet our other bestie, Nina. She had her red hair down like most days, wearing a white sweater with blue jeans.
" hey," she waved at us running over to our side.
" Hey girl" We hugged her.
" You guys excited for the next class" She smiled.
" Yeah, after next class is lunch then gym, then we're done for the day" I cheered.
Nina's smile faded." Yeah, which means I have to go home and meet my mom's boyfriend"
Nina's parents divorced last year. Ever since then, she's been having trouble talking about her family or just other families. She says it makes her jealous of other people, and Nina hates that jealous part of her. Just last week she had told us that her mother's boyfriend is coming over in their house. Nina is not very happy about that especially since her mother's boyfriend is coming with three older boys to come live in her house. She thinks it is a nightmare, but I don't fully think so but It might be for her.
" hey" Letta shut her locker door and gave Nina a big hug." if you hate your soon-to-be stepbrothers, all you have to do is call Rita and I and you can live with us forever and ever," Letta suggested.
" Yeah, but that's one of our childish dream" I roll my eyes.
" Yeah, but won't it be amazing if it did really happen," Nina said grinning.
" And no" I raise my hand up." I'll rather get an arrest," I say.
" What, all I have to do is hide under your um bed and you feed me every day" Nina starts planning.
" that's how she treats her DOG," Letta says yelling the part DOG.
" THen treat me like her Dog, It'll be better than living with boys" Nina pouts.
" SO let me get this straight, you're sad because you don't like your mom's boyfriend or you don't like the idea of living with them,"I asked suspiciously.
" Living with them" Nina mumbled stubbornly.
" Get over it," I say nudging Nina
" I WON'T." She barked.

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