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4 sisters, 4 dreams, 4 paths that bring them back together. Follow these 4 sisters through a heartfelt adventure!

Children / Adventure
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1* Last week of summer

2* Here we come, England

3* Settling in

4* First day of school

5* The sleepover

6* The fight

7* All I need is home

8* Lauren’s birthday

9* The Pony

10* A tennis lesson

11* Bye Bye, Apartment

12* The House

13* Last day of school

14* Homeschooling starts

15* The water slide

16* It’s so hot

17* A walk

18* I miss my friends

19* Let it snow

20* A very merry Christmas

21* I love you

22* bathing suits and lemonade

23* Enjoy it while it lasts

24* Last week

25* Good-Bye England

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