The Unknown Story of Imani Thomas

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This Unknown story is about a Mom, Dad older sister and baby sister, The dad is a 47 year old teacher who just lost his job, the mom is a 42 year old worry wat about her children and husband, The older sister is a 19 year old who got pregnant by her long time boyfriend and the baby sister is an 8 year old girl who is well beyond her years and ends up having a tragic thing happen to her that no one seems to understand, The Thomas family each has their own challenge and from the eyes of each character can they pull through this year of hell?

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At 8 years old a little girl shouldn't be worried about when her next doctor's appointment is, or that if she runs or stands too long her leg or foot will swell, she should be worried about her hair or other meaningless things.
But for me at 8 years old I was worried about, whether or not my foot would swell or if I was standing too long, or when my next doctor's appointment was. That isn't something I should have needed to be thinking about and the whole story is a lot worse then just the few things I worried about, my mom was worse than me, she had a full time job, had to take care of me and my older sister, my dad lost his job and my sister got pregnant by her long time boyfriend.
This unknown story is about 4 people, who were a family that had their issues but always figured a way out together. This is the story of the Thomas Family
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