The Gem Of The Cats

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Chapter 1

Author POV

"I'm finally here. The castle is larger than my expectations.... I could be lost here." Dobbey said. "Hey over here!" "Balto? What are you doing here?" "Helping you. Dobbey, let's go in! The king is waiting for you!" "Okay." Dobbey and Balto went inside the castle.

Dobbey's POV

I saw beautiful decorations in the hall. There were paintings of the queen and king. I was honestly amazed at it. I was speachless. I said to my friend Balto, " This place is-" before I could finish my sentence, Balto interrupted me. " Incredible! I know! The décor are superior! The King has a great sense of decorating." "How did you do that?" I asked. "Do what?" Balto asked me. "Read my mind!" I replied.

Balto's POV

Dobbey asked me how did I read his mind. I simply replied " Just a guess, nothing more." Dobbey looked at me as if I was lying so I said "What?" Dobbey walked pass me. I catched up to him.

Dobbey's POV

I was shooketh. I asked him "The king said to meet him in the throne room, where is the throne room?" "We're almost there. Follow me." He replied. I followed him to the throne room and saw the king. I bowed and said "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir Doggone." "I need you to take the Gem Of The Cats. Why? Because personal reasons." Rude. He didn't even said thank you. I'm already not liking the way he talks. " Twelve o'clock! Don't be late! Training grounds!" So rude, actually too rude. That's not nice.

King Doggone's POV

I hope he doesn't be late. Or I'll never be able to rule this world.

Dobbey's POV

I walked out of the throne room. " Is that the king?" "Yeah. Why?" Balto replied. " He is too rude for me to handle." "I know right." He replied again. "Who are you talking about?" Someone asked. It was the king. "The guard, he's so hilarious!" I said. The king just ignored us. He left. "That was close! Great thinking!" Balto said. "Thanks. Where are you planning to go? It's still 9." "The library. There's the whole Harry Potter series there!" "Really?!?! I'm going there!" We went to the library and we checked if there was Harry Potter books. And there really is! I am amazed! This is a heaven for Harry Potter fans! We read and I started to think I am missing something. I tried remembering it and I looked at the clock, it showed 11.57. The training! "Balto it's 11.57! Let's go!" "Okay!" We ran to the training room and there was a guard. He said password. Maybe if I tried to say training, it'll work..... So I said training. And the guard let us in! "Hello. Dobbey can you please go to this machine-" "You need to change the password." I interrupted. "Can you please go to this machine, you will be teleported to the Cat's Castle. And remember, take the gem." How rude. But it was a good try though. I walked inside the machine and in a blink of an eye, I was in another place. I'm infront of a castle. A huge one.

??? POV

I was walking peacefully when I saw a beam of light. I saw a human. Because of my curiosity, I went closer and said hello. He was confused. He looked to the right then to the left. I said to him below you. He looked at me and he was shooketh. It's like he never saw a cat talked before, wierd.

Dobbey's POV

I just heard a cat, spoke human language! I was so shooketh. I said hi to the cat. The cat's name was Meowsa. She is kind. I asked her whether she lives in this castle or not. She said yes. Okay, but how does a cat live in a huge huge huge castle I- nevermind. I'm not gonna ask. So, Meowsa showed me around the castle but I wasn't that interested. Until she showed me the treasure room. There it was, shining. The Gem Of The Cats. Beautiful. I knew I had to. I had to borrow it.

The Next Day

Dobbey's POV

Since it was still 6, I could just borrow it for a moment. Just a moment. I took it and ran out from the castle and into the forest. At first the forest is scary. Byt now it's not. I heard someone or something stepped on a stick. "Who is it?! I'm not afraid to use this stick!" I shouted. "A stick? Pftt.. sticks cant do damage! " The voice said. "Just come out!" I said. I saw a wolf still laughing at my defense sentence. "What's your name?" I bravely asked. "Wolff." She said. She got a nice name. She asked me why was I here. I answered I lost my way to the dog castle. So she showed me a shortcut. I said thank you to her. She said no problem. I went inside the hall and went to the throne room. "Here's the gem." I said. Doggone grabbed the gem out of my hand. Hey, that's rude! Then, the castle started to rumble. It's like an earthquake. He disappeared. A cat came running from the hall to the throne room. "Argh!!!!! I lost him!!!!" She shouted. "I'm sorry but, who is it that you're talking about? And what's your name?" I asked. "Doggone. I'm Malissa." She said. She explained that she needs to stop Doggone before he destroy the world. I said I could help. She said that Doggone has a secret room in the library. So we went there and my friends were there. "I heard a rumble near this castle so I thought I could check out what happened here." Balto said. "Us too." Said Meowsa and Wolff. "C'mon! We got no time to waste!" Malissa quickly said. We went inside the secret room and saw Doggone. "James, Jeremy! The staff!" Doggone said. Two unfamiliar dogs pass by. One of them was holding a staff. "Now, I'll rule the world!" Doggone said. Without hesitation, he put the gem and staff together. "Huh? Why didn't it work?" Doggone asked. "Because it's only rumours sir." The one dog said. " WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?!?" Doggone angrily asked. "Well, we know that you wouldn't believe us. So we didn't tell you." The other dog said. "Now I don't get to do my evil plan. " Doggone mumbled. "So the gem is fake? " I whispered. "Well, yup. No one has ever known about the real gem. " Meowsa whispered. "Only my great-great-great-great grandpa and my mother know it. But, I never met my mom. Dad never talked about her. Until I discovered a dark secret. My mom was missing for years! My dad tried to report to the police but the police didn't answer. The police said if my mom is gone for 3 days, they will start the search. My dad waited for 3 days and still no sign of my mom. The police soon tried to investigate but they had no luck finding her. So, yeah..... I don't know where is my mom... " Meowsa continued. "Oh.. " I spoke behind my breath. Without noticing, Doggone was gone! We were so focused to the story and we forgot about Doggone. I looked around the room and saw a note, it was from Jeremy.

Dear Anyone

I decided to stop following Doggone. I just realized that it could be bad for other people too. My father known about Mrs. Meowlene. He should be the one marrying her but Mr. Morsa stole her from my father. I know that dogs can't be with cats. But my father's love for Mrs. Meowlene is really loyal. She was forced to marry Mr. Morsa. She hated him. My father knew that Mrs. Meowlene was gone for years. My father knew that she would be in danger. My father wanted to protect her. Mrs. Meowlene is the only one of two who knew where was the gem hidden. She ever told my father about it but it was a riddle. For years my dad tried to solve it. And he finally did. But it was too late for him to tell her. Because she was already missing. My father blamed himself for not watching her. But it was the right choice. She had to be missing. She will be in a huge cliff of danger. My father told me about the riddle but never said the answer. It could be because he isn't sure about the answer. This was the riddle:

I may be big as an elephant and small as an ant.

I'm scared of water but not of land.

I come at day and gone by night.

I can fly, or walk, or even slither. What am I?


I am tall but not a cliff.

Not a mountain or even a volcano.

People don't die climbing me.

I can be full of flowers, trees, or grass.

I can also be a place to have a picnic.

What am I?


1st + 2nd= Where you'll find the gem and me

My father went off to the place where the riddle led. That's where he met my mother. She was also looking for her. My mother were one of her close friend. I still haven't crack the riddle.


Jeremy Junior

I haven't really read all the note but I found the names in bold. Mrs. Meowlene and Mr. Morsa. I didn't know who it was so I gave it to Meowsa.

To Be Continued

The Gem Of The Cats 2: The Hidden Cat

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