All Alone

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. Alex Matthew Fellows was alone now, alone on the island he can call his own. Loneliness, some hate it some adore it, Alex Fellows hates it. But when trouble strikes, you may need people more than you think.

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The story of a boy who was never by himself, but was all alone when he needed people most.


20th June

9:00 AM

The journey of a lifetime awaited ten adolescent children. Year 7 had been a long hard slog for most, but today was the moment they had all been waiting for year long. One person had been waiting for this so impatiently was Alex Fellows, at primary school Alex had always been one of the better behaved children but at secondary school his behaviour had massively deteriorated, it wasn’t all his fault he smashed a window or keeps getting himself into fights. “Alex we’re gonna be late!“, Alex was awoken from his daydream and immediately snapped into action. In the space of 5 minutes, Alex was swept into school, as he looked at his watch. It read... RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bell was gone his best day at Red Oak-Tree Academy was just about to begin. Alex took his seat on the plane next to good friend Kira Efremova, he’d been sitting next to her for 3 good years, and she was the only person who had gone with him to Secondary School.  Alex took his time to look around the plane and see who would be going on a journey of a lifetime with him. Looking around he saw only 8 more people; Joe Pickles was, as always, munching on a bag of crisps; Will Graham was, as always, on his phone and Freddie Knowles was, as always, organizing his next big fight at the park.  Alex could feel the plane rising into the mid-morning sun, the feeling of his organs lifting in his body turned his face pale, and his arms clamped around the chair. Fear rushed through his veins, and blood was drained from his skinny face. ........................Darkness.................Just................................ Complete Darkness..................................

5:00 PM

Alex looked about blazing heat scalded his face, sweat dripped from his frail limbs, his eyes adjusted to the light. Alex blinked weakly; he slowly studied his new and exotic looking habitat, the smell of burnt toast wafted through the air. Alex explored the land further, a few minutes later he found hope, if you can call it that. On the other side of the huge mountain, the smell of death overpowered him. A body was sprawled on a rock and her long inky colored hair were crumpled in a heap on the sandy floor. Blood dripped from her the cuts in her lifeless body and her blank face shone in the daylight. He carried on searching, his mind and heart were screaming at him to stop, but his legs and ankles told him not to. Lifeless bodies were piled up on the gritty ground. Jan and Kira were still yet to be found, Alex found some more bodies on the wrong side of the coastline, a human’s remains, floated lifelessly in the summer sea. But one boy was still fighting for his life, his miniature arms splashed in the choppy, summer water, and his blonde hair bobbed over the water. Alex Matthew Fellows was alone now, alone on the island he can call his own.

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