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Megan is a 10 year old girl who loves to draw . it is a story about her processing over her drawings in many years . she is a artistic little girl who is trying a lot to be like other art youtuber. Her secret is she likes to make videos on her tablet about herself ,her art and gymnastics (which she is actually bad at ) but she hates when someone else watches her videos because then every one laughs on her all the time

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The start to an artistic adventure

The little nine years old took art as a hobby but didn't know what was coming ahead .

Megan's cousin Rylan put up a picture of his own artwork on her family whatsapp group Megan got curious to try it and ended up with ... I would say quite a mess she made the smile like the character had all his teeth removed and the eyes looked like two fat eggs with a hole inside them the nose didn't quite exist for her .

"Ummm..... I like it " said Megan ."Mom look what I just made ". Yelled Megan . Sera (Megan's older sister ) dashed out of the room she was sitting inside and said "can you please not shout " But she ignored her and showed it to everyone in the house now they ( except Sera because they have sibling rivalery ) couldn't say anything bad about it because they thought they would hurt her feelings . Then she had a motivation that she could draw .

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