The clever weight

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This is about a clever weight and a fat girl.

Children / Humor
Padmini Dhillan
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The clever weight checker

There once was a weight checker.It’s lived in a house with a fat girl. The girl loved to eat, and she would lumber around eating this and that, and once when there was no food available she chewed her clothes! One day she was walking around eating Cadbury and Galaxy chocolate, she stepped on her weight checker. The weight checker then quickly thought “ If this girl gets any fatter, I shall break! I will lie about her weight so she will want to get thinner!”. And that’s what he did. The girl looked down and gasped. Her weight was now so much! “Oh no!”, she cried. “I am so fat! What should I do? I know! I shall go on a diet so I can get thinner!”. And that’s what she did. She got thinner, and thinner, and thinner. “Hooray!”, she cried. “Now I am thin!”.

The end.

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