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caitlyn Starr
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Chapter 1

• My confidence

In this chapter we are going through my confidence and how I became confident

I am 13 and mostly all teenagers my age are pretty confident no that’s where your wrong I was not confident and to be honest I don’t think I am confident now But I have seen an improvement in my confidence my family think so too! I am that teenager that over thinks about things and thinks everything is going to turn out bad and I always but myself down

So it was my last day of primary and we do a leaver ceremony now I have to be honest I never cried a bit but my friends were howling their eyes out but I just wanted to get out of my primary I didn’t really like my primary I felt like they weren’t really helping me with my confidence and I just wanted to get out .

So it was maybe a 1 week before I started high school and we went school shopping and I was so scared and nervous and just didn’t really want to go but when I went I felt a little bit better and I was getting my polo shirts , jumpers etc by the end of the day I was okay and felt a bit excited.

I was just sitting on my bed sorting out all my new stuff for school when I heard the post and ran downstairs and I saw a tie now at my primary we did not wear ties so this was new for me but when I saw it I started to get a funny feeling in my tummy .

It’s the first day of high school feels like a doom day to me I am so nervous and scared my mum asks me if I am okay and I am like yeah just a bit nervous and she said it’s okay to be nervous .

At school the academy was huge and was so much bigger than my primary and I just began to get nervous again but my friends were their to help me and they were nervous too .we had been giving a timetable with all our classes and we had no clue where we were going but luckily some S6 the highers were our guides and help us around when we had them I felt more relaxed and chill

We stepped into our first class and I began to get nervous again , on the first day we didn’t do much as it was like a get to know people kind of thing but I was so nervous to talk and just didn’t on the first day I stayed with my primary friends as I just didn’t want to talk to anyone

In tutor I was walking into my tutor and I sat down on my seat and we were asked to do a task and Obviously none of my friends were in my tutor so I knew I had to make new friends so I got up and my tutor teacher put me with 3 girls and I just did not talk at all till they spoke and said hey they were called gabi becky and kady and I was so nervous but I said hey back they were saying a lot about there self and I did too and I was not nervous anymore .

It was the end of the day and I was walking home , I got home and mum asked how was it and I said it was great and she was so happy I said that but I did say I was a bit nervous and the start and I made new friends she was so happy to hear that I began to get confident

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