The Blue Van

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Mr Brown a pig headed man refuses to listen to what hus wife says about the Van he just bought and continues using it .... And Just as she'd dreamt Mr Brown dies leaving her a widow and Tanu an orphan ......

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Nothando Dlamini
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Chapter 1

The Blue Van 😭

Despair filled the room as Tanu and her mother sat in Dismay and devastation as they looked outside the window . Outside the window was a blue van that had left Tanu an Orphan and her mother a widow . Unexpectedly Tanu heard her Mother say " I miss him , don't you ?".

Tears found their way on Tanu's cheeks as she got flashbacks of on what had happened when the blue van arrived, but her father had been ignorant and did not listen to her mother .

" Go and get another one with your own money if u don't want this one and stop telling me about your stupid instincts! " These were Mr Brown's words that came out rudely as he made hiw way to his bedroom.

Tanu wished she could turn back the hands of time to when the van was brought home but she couldn't do anything . Her father was very ignorant and his word was always final . She and her mother were never allowed to say a word against Mr Brown had decided . This time he had decided to buy a van that not so long ago was involved in a head on collision with another on.

He had happily signed those papers not knowing that he was signing his own death sentence . The car had been sold to him at a cheaper prize and that was why he had taken the offer and bought it . The night when the car was brought home Mrs Brown became restless as her instincts told her something else . Mrs Brown kept tosing and turning on her bed thinking of way way to convince Mr Brown to return the car before he had finished paying for it or sell it someone else because she had a bad feeling about it .

That night Mrs Brown had a horrible nightmare . In that vey same nightmare the same yellow van had been involved in a fatal car crash and many people died including Mr Brown . She woke up sobbing and was bothered by such a bad dream after the van had arrived . She did not know how to tell her husband since she knew that he had a thick skull .

That morning Mr Brown was too busy preparing for work and couldn't give his wife an ear as she tried to tell him about her dream. Mr Brown took it lightly and said " sweetheart , have u ever seen the monsters that we usually saw in our nightmares when we were little ? If not then nothing like that is ever going to happen. " she sighed knowingly that she was fighting a losing battle .

Mr Brown was very late that morning and she knew that he'd be driving at a high speed . She suggested that he took the other car but he ignored her .As she had guessed Mr Brown was driving at a high speed so that he would reach work on time .

Thirty minutes after MR Brown left home , Mrs Brown received a phone call she was told that her husband had been involved in a fatal car crash . She was told to hurry to the nearby hospital and she did just that .She reached the hospital on time as she found him still alive .

Mr Brown's last words were " I'm sorry f..o..r not list....e..ning to you", and he kicked the bucket . She felt like her heart was being ripped out of her and was very much painedby the fact that she had told him about it .

It was at dawn when the bowels of the earth opened up to swallow the pride of the Brown family. The Brown relatives and friends ad gathered to moan his death . It was hard forthem to accept it but God had had other plans . Life had to move on and he would soon enough be a part of their past.

Mrs Brown patted Tanu on her back telling her it was going to be okay knowing very well that daughter's father and her husband was gone for gud all because of the blue van.

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