Noisy Nula - A childrens bedtime story - No 2

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A bedtime story all about a noisy child

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Noisy people

Now it's a fact, some people are NOISY. Whatever they do. Eating toast, CRUNCH, CHOMP, CRACK.
Brushing their teeth, GARGLE, GARGLE.
Drinking tea, SLURP SLURP and even reading, yes reading, because they do it a LOUD!
Noisy Nula was just that, extremely NOISY. Would you believe she was even noisy getting dressed, Nula would grunt and groan and go ARGH! OOH, as she fought to put her jumper on.
At school Nula scraped her chair, scratched her pencil and shuffled her books noisely. She banged never closed doors, and of course Nula could never pass on a secret because she just could not whisper.

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