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Roxanne, a determined young girl, whose dream is to be a singer and dancer. She has joined her new school Remington High. Can Roxanne achieve her dreams when her enemy is ready to ruin her year? Read to understand Roxanne's life and her problems. Can she become a successful Singer and Dancer?

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Chapter 1

Wed, 2nd March 2016
I can't wait to go to my new school! I hope I can make friends though, thought Roxxane. None of her friends made it to Remington high, the country's best school for dancers and singers. Roxxane had always been determined about achieving her dream. Making it this far was an awesome thing for her.
'Are you ready?' asked her dad.
'Yes, just gimme a sec' she replied
She grabbed some clothes and stuffed them in her suitcase. She ran towards the car. Dad helped her with the suitcase. After a long ride, they finally reached there destination. The school was huge. She couldn't believe her eyes. Many students from different places were hugging there parents and entering the school.
'Good bye, dad' she said with tears in her eyes.
'Good luck, Rox. Try your best.' He said.

She entered the school. The school was huge and many students had gathered. Where am I supposed to go? She wondered. Suddenly a blonde girl came towards her.
'Hello, you must be new here, right?' She asked.
'Yes, I am new. My name is Roxxane but you can call me Rox. What is your name?' Roxanne asked.
'My name is Alicia, come on. I will show you around, if you want.' She said kindly.
'Thanks, I would be really grateful' Roxanne said.
And off they went.
Thursday, 3rd March 2016

Alicia showed her around. The school had many classes. Alicia was a really helpful and kind person. They became quick friends. Both had same interests.
After showing around, they both went to the dorms. The classes were meant to be started the next day.
'Hurry! We will be late!' Alicia shouted across the room.
'Coming! I overslept. Jeez.' She hurriedly replied
They both set off towards there class
They entered the class and greeted tge teacher.
'Please sit beside Claire, Roxanne' informed Ms. Katherine
Roxanne, quitely sat beside Claire.
'Hi, Roxanne. Can you please sit further away from me? I want to sit with my friend.' she asked
Thats pretty rude, rox thought.
'I am sorry, but I was told to sit beside you so I had rather stay.' She replied firmly.
'Oh alright then. You chose this yourself' She said with a smirk
What does she mean? She thought. I chose what myself? Well, theres nothing I can do, so Imma just ignore it.
After class, Roxanne went to her vocal trainer.
'Hello, Mrs. Smith' She greeted
'Hi, how may I help you?' Mrs.Smith asked
'I just wanted to ask, when will the vocal class begin?'
'Oh, dont you know? I have to leave early therefore, Claire, shall take the vocal class. She is usually the substitute when I am not around'
'B-but she is a student herself, right?'
'Ahh dear, she has studied in great many places to practise her vocals, she has great experience, she can train your vocals perfectly. She studies here, but her amazing vocals can replace mine. Also she doesn't train. She just tests your vocals' Replied Mrs.Smith rather proudly.
'I see...Well I should go' She replied solemnly
She left the room disappointed.
So thats what she meant by saying I chose that myself. Of course! She will never allow me to pass the vocal class. She thought.
'Heyy Rox! Whats up? Where have you been- why are you upset???' Said a voice
'No no. I am not upset. I just didn't know that Claire was the one who tested the vocals' she replied trying to cover up
'Indeed. Claire has great knowledge about vocals, but why does her testing the vocals worry you?' Alicia asked
'No reason. I was just wondering.'
Rox headed to the Vocals Class, and was greeted by Claire and a few group of girls.
A few minutes passed
'Everyone please line up. I am Claire and I shall be the one testing your vocals. I will rate them. According to those ratings, you will get training by Mrs.Smith. Good luck!' Said Claire
What will hapoen to me now?? Why did I fight with her! Now she will make my life a living hell.

[To be continued in chapter 2]

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