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Once upon a time, there was a Robot with many features. Like’ it can move on wheels, hands to hold things, can listen, can see things, and can warm a cup of milk by just dipping its rod-like finger in it, etc.

One day, what happens? While Robot was working the home chores very nicely, it starts working intermittently.

The owner notices that, and takes the Robot for charging.

The owner concludes, that the Robot needs a feature where’ As soon as the battery reaches 20%, it charges itself by connecting to the charger.

So, the owner reaches to the developer’s team’ who have developed that Robot. Actually’ the owner himself was one of a developer of that team.

The owner suggests the idea to his team members.

The team members get agreed to the requirements of the feature and get on to the work.

Well, it will take some time to develop the feature, So, by that time, the Owner takes care of the Robot’s timely charging issue.

One day, that feature gets ready.

And the owner installs the feature in the Robot.

Since then, Whenever the Robot reaches to 20% battery, it moves to connect itself to the charger and gets charged.

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