Black And White Equals One

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Bobby and Billy are two little boys that their single parents dislike the colors of their skin. Bobby’s father does not like his son’s dark skin. The same goes for Billy. His mother does not like his light skin. But both boys love the skin colors nature has given them. Then Bobby and Billy, who are friends, desire having ducks to play with, and their parents yield to their requests. Bobby’s father buys him a white duck, while Billy’s mother buys him a black duck. This gets both boys excited. One day at the riverside, Bobby and Billy meet to watch their ducks swim. Both boys then get excited about each other’s duck and an exchange occurs. An exchange that is very much to the displeasure of their parents. Bobby’s father is not happy seeing him return home with Billy’s duck, as it is black. Also Billy’s mother is not happy seeing him return home with Bobby’s duck because it is white. Bobby and Billy are immediately instructed to return the ducks they exchanged. But the boys will take none of the instructions. To the riverside, they go again with their ducks and agree not to return home. Their parents begin to search for them, which leads them to the riverside. Bobby and Billy refuse to return home. Bobby insists on keeping the black duck. The same with Billy, he will not step an inch away from the riverside without the white duck. The boys’ willfulness later pays off.

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