Don't Touch The Alpha

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Luna is from a huge powerful pack of wolf vampires.She will soon discover that she will be alpha at 17, which is extremely young for an alpha. Hopefully she can find her mate before the next war begins. BOOK IS NOT COMPLETE YET

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Rainee Golder
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Alpha Wolf

[Rose]Luna can I talk to you for a moment?


I walk in the den still grogy from waking up.

[Luna]Yeah.......where's dad?.....

[Rose]That's what I wanted to talk adout Luna...


Okay... somethings going on with dad ...and it sure doesn't sound too good.

[Luna] So whats going on with dad?

[Rose] Honey, he's gone.....

[Luna]W- no.....he can't!

[Rose] Luna, listen to me very carefully.

[Luna] Im listening....even if I don't want to.

[Rose] Luna your the alpha...

[Shadow] Okay I've listened long enough, why is Luna the alpha and not me?

[Rose] She is a leader Shadow.

[Luna] Absolutely not....

[Clawsun] Mom is she even going to find her mate before the war.


[Rose] Luna calm down.


[Rose] Thank that you are clam I can tell you...


[Rose] You need to find a mate and soon....

[Luna] Why exactly?

[Rose] You need a mate before you matcher at 19.


Great first im the alpha, and then I need to get a mate.



To be completely honest I feel bad for my sister because she is probably in absolute shock,and in loss of her direction.Plus she doesn't bond with other wolves very quickly or easily so for her to find a mate is practically impossible. I understand why our mother chose her instead of Shadow, yes Shadow has her dominance and she definitely shows it.Luna does as well but she has it in her presence.Also her wolf has her dominance with that.

Later that day................

[Storm] So~ who's ganna be your mate?


I love Storm to death and she's been my best friend since well as long as I can remember, but she can annoy me sometimes.

[Luna] I have no idea......unless your brother is an option.

[Storm] ew.. no not in a million years girl


I chuckle at her and just the thought of it.

I look at her....she has beautiful crystal-yellow eyes that any wolf would admire to have.

She looks back at me and I feel my face turn pink.


[Luna] Hmm?

[Storm] Did you ever think that you'd be alpha?

[Luna] Um well to be honest I kinda did..........'cause Shadow ain't really alpha material.

[Shadow] Excuse Me?

[Luna] Uhhm h-hey s-sis

[Fireblaze] Liten up Shadow.


[Fireblaze] Nowhere .......alpha.....

[Luna] Don't test me, you know better than to do that.

[Fireblaze] So~ weres your twin at Luna?

[Luna]...........I don't kno-

[Clawsun] Right you think your going to be able to find your mate before your 19?

[Luna,Storm] Don't Ask!....

[Clawsun] Okay, drop the topic.....

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