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My story is about my really super cute puppy Cooper. and this story tells all about him and what he is like

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About cooper

It was the day before the big day i been asking my mom for a puppy for a long time. The day i got my first puppy was amazing and his name was cooper marcus collazo. My puppy is the most sweetest and cutest puppy on earth when your sad he will make u happy when your mad he will laugh my puppy is full of happiness and he will make a rainy day into a sunny day Cooper will always wanna play he will wake you up every moring he loves running out side when we take him for walks. I love cooper and he was my number one birthday wish cooper is my best friend. He will love u and when he is tired he is the only puppy i know that will snugle up so close that u will fall asleep he loves to lick you and nibbles on your fingers he is the most amazing puppy i ever had and i will never let him go he loves every one and loves every body. His little barks are so cute they will make u laugh. His yawns are cute and when he stretches out he will put a smile on your face.

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