The Garden Fairy

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The inhabitants in heaven consists of 7 species. The angel: the highest and most powerful. She controls the heavens and earth. The moon fairy: the second powerful. She controls all night creatures. The water fairy: the third powerful. She controls all the water and rain in heaven and on earth. The rainbow fairy: the fourth powerful. She controls the rainbow. The ice fairy: the fifth powerful. She controls the ice. The golden fairy: the sixth powerful. She controls all the treasures on earth. Then the last and the weakest The garden fairy: she controls gardens on earth. she belongs to the weakest and least Important specie. she is a garden fairy. meant to only ensure the growth of flowers on earth. When she meets the descendant of Lucifer who she's supposed to hate but saves her life and she falls in love with him. Will she go against the laws and be with him or will she forsake him for her realm's sake.

Children / Mystery
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