Walking Under The Branches

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Walking Under The Branches

CHAPTER ONE - Rain Rain Go Away

Today I looked out the window and saw an entirely wet city before my eyes. But what really confused me was hat it was summer. The sun had retreated behind the clouds, and the rain had barged itself into a rainy morning. I phoned my friends to say hi, but one of them had a cold. My kids, Lauren and Bailey, boy and girl, were keeping me occupied wi5 good movies, and playing fun games. I am very greatful for my wonderful family. My wife, Willow, has been cooking very yummy meals. Yesterday she cooked some sausages with chips and beans. The kids loved it some had, not a single stain remained on their plates. My family has been keeping ourselves busy, in so many ways. Sometimes if we are in the mood we could phone our grandparents and ask how they were doing. They would alaways say they were good, and their lives were so funny. Just a few weeks ago we visited them, and Bobbi sat with Mamma Lita the whole entire time. Bailey tried watching a horror film while the grandparents were there, but the uncle was too busy drinking wine. So I stopped him myself. Baileys second nan had died a several years ago. At the end of 5e day, everyone hugged and kissed goodbye. Lauren has been super active since lockdown. She’s even began to do PE WITH JOE every Monday morning and Friday morning!

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