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Once upon a time there was this little girl name Layla. Layla was just this average kid that nobody really understood. When she was incredibly young, she always felt abandoned from her own family and could not control it no matter what. Layla was now becoming a teenager and her emotions were steady rising. Her mindset was far from the other kids she has ever met, and nobody could compare to her ways. People imagined Layla as this joyful, energetic, and adventurous kid but, she was this sad, depressed, and lonely child that felt no love from anyone anymore. Layla is also such a loving person you would think her life is perfect but just because she may seem happy does not mean she is, she can hide her pain very well. Everyone that has met Layla loved her for who she was but who she was is someone she did not want to become. Way before Layla turned into her teens, she tried all she could to be this happy person that others expected her to be but the more she tried the more depressed she got. Strangers would always find ways to get her some help, but nothing changed expect the fact that things kept getting worse. Layla never knew a lot of her family so when it came to the point where she needed them the most no one was there for her. It was finally her birthday she was depressed cause she realized she had nobody to celebrate it with, so she decided its just another day to her. Long ago Layla has been trying to find a family to love her and treat her like she is human but everyone she met has tortured, neglected, and abandoned her. Until one day this nice couple by the names of Simone and James found Layla in a cardboard box and took her to the hospital to get checked. The doctors came to the couple and said Layla is in good condition and asked was Layla their child. James looked at the doctor and said, “No we found her in a cardboard box by the valley near a cemetery”. The doctor went in the room that Layla was in and asked, “ Do you know who your parents are” she looked at the doctor with tears of pain in her eyes and said “no, they gave me up and I have been in and out of foster care”. The doctor called the couple in the room and asked, “ Are you willing to adopt this little girl?” and the couple looked at Layla then at the doctor and said, “ it will mean the world to us if we could”. The doctor left the room to make a important phone call, 30 minutes later he came back and said “Great news you can adopt little Layla all you have to do is go to the adoption center tomorrow and sign the papers for her release.” All Layla could do was smile with happiness because for the first time ever she knew she would be apart of a family that was willing to take her in as their own. It was the next day, it was time for the couple to sign the important papers at the adoption center. It took approximately 1 hour to get everything situated but after that Layla was officially their child. This couple did not have no other kids and they were rich soon as they left the center, they took her on a shopping spree and got her everything she needed and wanted. At this point Layla was living her best life but it was something still her that made her feel useless. One Sunday Layla went downstairs and seen her parents were getting dressed in nice clothes but did not know why. When they see her come downstairs, she asked, “Are you guys going on a date?” they both looked at her with a grin and said, “No sweetheart we are going to church”. Layla looked at them with a suspicious and frighten look but continued to ask them, “What’s a church?”. They looked at her with a smile, sat her down and gave her a speech on the true meaning of Jesus. They all got dressed and ready for church when they arrived a heavenly spirit touched Layla as soon as she walked through the door it was so amazing that she cried tears of joy. The pastor called her up and prayed for her and soon as he did every pain that Layla has ever felt left her body for good. She started praising Jesus more and more every day. The more she got to know who Jesus her life was changed for the better and now she is living the amazing life she always wanted. Moral of the story is without Jesus your life is not complete he is the reason you are living and fighting through your battles. When you get to know Jesus you will be in a living in a testimony and you will always be thankful for another day.

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