The Meaning of Friendship

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This story is about a friendship that started online and about all the experiences that they have been through. This isnt just a regular frienship but a friendship that helped them find peace and acceptance of who they are. A friendship online that will teach them lessons in life and in the near future.

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Prologue- what is friendship?

During you're years of life there is something that will always start and end. It is something beautiful that many people gain and brings them joy in their life. Not only will this bring them joy but it will bring them relief into their life knowing there will always be somebody for them. This one thing is something we will have for our entire existence until we leave this beautiful world and that one thing is friendship. Friendship is a relationship between people associated with each other and bond with similar things they like or enjoy. People who will ways be there for each other and listen to one another. A friendship people deal with , better lifestyle choices, and allow us to share our thoughts, and opinions to a safe circle. A real friendship can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends and you're better off with it.

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