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Jaya Chaudhary
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To an Elephant I really wish I had

Dear Jumbo,

Hey! Its been too long to count the days on my tiny fingers,against your fat scaly ones but still I hope you are counting them too. I miss you. Just several months have passed when I saw you kicking those round footballs behind the bushes and snuggling into them until you find it again. I happen to look beyond the translucent window panes, wet in rain, hoping you will fill in your trunk with water and jitter it at the caretaker, making it difficult for dad to find another person for you. Alas those days were short numbered.

Often, I pass by sugarcane stores and stop to peep inside, looking at them like you did through the folds of your scaly eyes that were half opened. I still remember you loved all the sugarcane vendors but not the one at the street edge. I remember how he hushed you only to find himself in the pool deep drenched in water and completely pissed off to take unwanted lessons from you.

Remember, last day of the vendor in the city, how he came to you with a sorry letter and a dozen raw bananas as token of love for you. Dad was too jovial the day we told him that all you did to the vendor.

Hehehe! Remember, your birthday? How I and everyone sat crossed leg around and you hesitated as a kid to stand and that funny dress mom stitched for you from all the old curtains and long double bed coversheets which made you look no less a cute, little she elephant emoticon and we all laughed our hearts out holding bellies, closing eyes, opening them only to laugh a little more.

I will guard you through my walk to the forest, no? Now do not grin to yourself and I can still recall how much worried you were just to realise that I have missed my route. That was my life's best day when I recognised my importance in your life and all that you did to find me back was like a sundae present to me. I still recall the day to shiver in fear and dance in happiness.

Know what? My braids have improved to a nice length, a little more longer than your trunk, look at them now and be a little more jealous like you have always been to be bald. There is no one too bald as you and neither was anyone equivalent to your cuteness.

Past night, Shayara told me that you have developed with age to become a handsome elephant now and no more a little Jumbo. It made me upset to loose you, its been a long while and everything seems void. I had no idea how to control hold the ticking clock and ask it stop for some decades, stopping everything, my ageing, your ageing, our destiny, but not our hearts.

Soon after the bright shades of my henna, fainted away I released the first heave of cry missing you all the time. I was bought an elephant after much legal actions and precautions, from the government to take care of the elephant and you must know it right, that I can not share our bond with anyone in general. So it happened, we were not compatible the more I looked at him the more I missed you. After several thoughts and seeing him cry for a lot of time and mourning with an urge to set him free, I did it. I set him free, on a new moon night, darker than ever before and brightest for the little Jumbo. I unlocked his chains and walked off to Parihar village, letting him go.

Though I missed you, I had a feeling of contentment and happiness playing hide and seek in my guts. I left back to home and hugged an elephant soft toy, hoping to hug you at the moment. I wished to share my victory over the bondage we both were locked in and let out a heave of relief.

Well, I shared my secrets with you hoping you wont unlock them to anyone as you never did it before. I will be home next week and look after you for another month.

We will walk through the fields and run when finally caught by the farmer, we'll act innocent like we did ages ago. We will walk into parks like all those lovers do and replenish our bond with a distant love. We will dress you up in the best garments and walk into the open garden dancing for our prom nights. We will sneak across the rivers finding out a perfect wife for you and secretly stalking her. We would go into those sugarcane shops and you will show me the features of your trunk again, don't tell it to daddy, got me? We will listen to our favriote song and this time with lyrics that say, "Would you stay a little longer with me, baby? Would you stay a little longer?"

Now I am a way more excited to come than I was before when we, me and your brother in law planned it. Looking forward to your warm hugs, grey eyes, equally wet and looking at the door waiting to listen to my footsteps.

With love,
Jaggery, that Jumbo loves.

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