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A girl who was forced to write in a journal to find herself liking it on her journey she gets stronger and more confident

Children / Drama
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Bianca Snively: Spelling and grammar could be a little better. Otherwise, enjoying the story!

Lis1: This story took me in like a vacuum cleaner anyways... and so many twists and turns, that made me unable to put the story down. Love all your story’s so far, honestly. Great writing. Never gets boring 💛

Margaret: Great plot and unique story line. Kudos author.

masihnovaira: You are a wonderful writer I have also written two novels named hurdles of life reveal our destination, unbelievable turns. I would love it if u will go through it and give a review over it 😊

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Tweetybrd: Good story, Horrible grammar thought. I liked it

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Littlelum: Loved this book will there be a book 2 for the love of my sanity please

Lucia Kabasia: Ooh my God .while reading I felt like it's really heyIt's a nice story

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