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Hall is a story about a bird who keeps her name hall for some reason but she never hated anyone although all hated hall......

Children / Fantasy
golden blue
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100 years ago there lived a little bird kuku but all her friends crows hated her because of her sweet voice. But she never hated her friends crows.....

One morning kuku was singing with her sweet voice to the humams. Suddenly one lady called her daughter's name kuku suddenly got the ........

She rushed to her and thought that if she change her name from kuku to something else.....

Kuku thought some names but she want something special from every one and again in the evening she went to sing song that time she heard that some humans told hall then she kept her name hall from kuku ...............

Next day when she came out from her Nest her crow friends call her kuku she didn't answer to them ...

Call me hall not kuku ....said hall.

Her crow friends were surprised very much....

Then hall fly out happyly singing

My .....my.... Name is halll..... don't call.....me kukuuuuu......my my...my name ....is halll ....hallllll .......I love singing.....I .....love singing.... songs....my...name ....hallll......

So friends don't ever hate anyone let them hate you ..... but you should love ...them how much they hate you like hall.....

Thank u

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