The wonderful life of Britney

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My name is Britney . I am 16 years old and I am a teenager. Well my life is an interesting one. The name of my Parents are Mr Brown and Mrs brown

Children / Drama
Aba Kyekyeku
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Chapter 1

My name is Britney Afiba Brown . I am 16 years . I attend school at Wesley girls SHS.

Well my life is an interesting one. I was born in Ghana by Mr and Mrs Brown , I have a sister called Emily Araba Brown and we all live in Cape Coast .

My school challenges.
The first lesson on our timetable was History and everyone knows that when it comes to history I am the best but as for this lesson it a bummer, because they had replaced our teacher with my mom can you imagine and the most annoying part is that my mom is too strict and the worst part was that my dad was the new biology teacher. "Hi class my name is Mrs Fosua Brown I am the new history teacher and I don't tolerate nonsense do you get that " Mom said . And the hole class replied "Yes Madam" . My best friend Rachelle was sitting by me and I whispered into her ear"My life is destroyed"

My life is just like a moving bus but it has a little twist .I just hoped that this morning will be better than yesterday . As I left the school hostel I checked on the timetable and it was time for Biology , I just prayed to God that nothing goes wrong today.As I was going to the class room I meet my dad,"Good morning dad"I said and dad replied "Good morning". " Britney my dear your dress looks dirty"Dad said.I screamed in horror "Ahhhhhhh no no no" ,My dad had just poured a bucket of water on me I was freaking out . People kept on starring at me , some were laughing and other had the time post this on social media. I was like were did you get this phone from because phones are not allowed in school but no one listened to me . After that terrible incident occurred I decided to go check my history exams result as I went my mom called me "Afiba how are you well I have some terrible news I am sorry but you failed your history exams " I was shocked then suddenly every thing turned black.
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