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He tossed and turned for the entire night and he didn’t even get a thought of sleep. He was repeatedly thinking to himself why, why, why, and why about a thousand times! Jess Turner is a young sixth grader mastermind in just the idea of technology! Robotics, wiring, machinery, whatever is related to using your intellect, he is the first one that picks it up and deals with it no matter whatever challenge awaits! The question is: can he overcome the challenge of fear and of nearly passing grades and keep on making his extraordinary-mind-blowing inventions?

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Chapter 1

“For heaven’s sake,” Mr. Turner screeched looking at his son with a mesmerizing look, “what is that?” “Oh, this dad, I was just testing out my invention I made,” Jess said. “And can you tell me what this invention does Jess?”

“It’s simple actually,” Jess explained, “It cleans any bad chemicals and germs that are on vegetables and fruits!” “Well my highly addicted son to robotics, machinery, and technology that is a wonderful invention since your mother is crazy about sanitation and cleanliness, “said Mr. Turner. “It’s pancakes today, and Jess stop blabbering and start gulping because your bus is around the corner,” Mrs. Turner gently told Jess, “you can’t be late today too!”

Jess’s best friend Jake, on the bus ride, asked him “Did you finish making any type of technology today?” “About that,” Jess whispered, “Do you think I should continue making technology, machinery, and robotics when I nearly pass my normal subjects at school?” Jake looked at him like he lost his mind. “What do you mean? It’s a privilege to learn all that cool stuff! Everybody is unique, and you found your special talent!”

“But I can’t even do basic GeOmEtRy, “exclaimed Jess. “Everybody’s different, and quit talking about this you are perfectly in the place you should be, “claimed Jake, “now what was that invention you made?” Jess didn’t forget, it was running in his mind like a lion catching its prey!

Jess didn’t hear any words that people were saying to him because of his Blue and Yellow AKG Y50 headphones that he developed since he didn’t want to hear people. The music was playing in a developed way so he couldn’t hear any people talking to him or talking around him.

All the surrounding people were teasing and making fun of him saying words like Hello Mr. DJ Mechanic and many other words they would regret if the principal was there. This happened after every single period when he had the slightest break.

Now he had science, his favorite subject. His science teacher would always say so today we are learning lots of things and Jess just loved to hear that saying every other day of the week.

He had english, music, and art, and quickly the rest of the day passed by and he was walking to the bus when he spotted a bright yellow banner that was getting hung up and he said to Jake “Hey Jake, can you see that banner over there?” Jake waited for a moment and claimed, “It’s probably one of those fundraisers!” They both turned around and got on the bus and dived into their conversations and forgot about the lonely banner.

“Bye,” said Jess. “See you tomorrow,” said Jake, and both of them scattered in their paths. Jess quickly devoured his delicious m&m cookies after he got home, and he ran up the stairs into his bedroom and skimmed the area for his study material for the math test on decimals and fractions tomorrow.

After one hour of hardcore work of practicing Jess was satisfied. He started reading a book from school on decimals and fractions just in case and right when he was reading on the part converting decimals to fractions his dad got home from work.

“How did you do today?” Mr. Turner asked. “Fine,” Jess replied. “Okay well, keep on studying because you have an important quiz tomorrow,” said Mr. Turner, “me and mom will be making dinner!” Jess said, “I’ll come soon after I finish this last bit of reading, I have.” Mr. Turner left the room with a sigh and trudged downstairs.

Jess took a bubbly bath and headed downstairs for dinner which was lasagna, his favorite. He washed his hands with soap and he dried his hands with a napkin. He brought a glass of water to the table and spruced himself and asked his parents as they were eating, “do you think I am not smart?

Mrs. Turner instantly stopped eating and said, “what do you mean Jess you’re making so many inventions.” “Yeah that is true, but I’m not good at any subjects at school subjects except maybe, science,” exclaimed Jess, “I don’t have any special school talent.” His dad quickly jumped in the conversation and said, “Everybody needs each other and you are a big part of that.” Jess did not understand the meaning of that, but he knew there was something that he would soon understand according to how his father stated it.

They chatted about interesting topics like flying iguanas and he quickly finished up the rest of his delicious dinner and went back to his bedroom hoping to have a good night’s sleep.

He tossed and turned for the entire night and he didn’t even get a thought of sleep. He was repeatedly thinking to himself why, why, why, and why about a thousand times! Why was he different? Why was he bad at all school subjects? Many more questions kept on rolling through his mind that were un-answerable at the moment.

Jess had a horrible night of sleep and it swelled his eyes. A black shade was fixed underneath his eyes making him look like he put on black makeup. He was still yawning repeatedly, and he went to the bathroom to finish his morning routine.

He went downstairs to eat breakfast and his mom saw his black circles underneath his eyes and questioned him “did you have an enjoyable sleep, Jess?” Jess was so lazy he just nodded. His mom knew what was troubling him and spoke of nothing more.

Jess walked to the bus stop 5 minutes earlier because of nothing to talk about. He got on to the bus and plopped himself next to Jake. Jake in a whole unfamiliar world thought Jess installed Mario Kart on his Xbox and he played it the whole night.

Because of this hypothesis, Jake started asking Jess questions related to games, and all Jess said was it’s not video games. This answer surprised Jake for a moment and then after a couple of minutes, he understood what was happening. Jake saw that the concern they talked about yesterday has affected Jess.

Jess was so out of the mood he didn’t even care to look at the banner that got hung up the day before. He had writing in his first period, so he got his utensils for that and he deliberately forgot his pencil to miss class.

It was a 90-minute period and Jess slept through half of the period. He didn’t even eat the fettuccini he got for lunch; he was still thinking about the thought rolling in his mind. He had history and the day kept on going terribly until math!

In math, he completed his quiz carefully, and he didn’t do any work after, but when his teacher said, “I hope all of you saw the banner in the front of the school if you didn’t see what it said, I’ll explain in my terms. We will be having a school technology fair and each team is going to have 2 teammates!”

After that sentence, Jess’s face lightened up and the black shade suddenly vanished. All eyes were on him and he knew why. He was the only one in sixth grade that knew good robotics. Even the people who teased wanted him on their team. Everyone in sixth grade wanted to be his partner, but Jess already knew his pick, Jake.

From that moment he learned that being different at something will always help you, the way you help others will come back to you, and always make yourself necessary and unique and you will always be needed. Jess could never forget those three life-lessons and even if he would want to, it would always be there.

Jess and Jake prepared for the fair a whole week and Jess felt much better. All 6 nights he had a good sleep and he walked into school with a big smile. Even the people who teased have helped him become better at all the school subjects.

When that happened, he learned that whenever you help others you will get help back. Since Jess gave ideas to all the people for the fair, they helped him back by helping him study. At the end of the week, Jess was a happy A+ student!

After a week of preparing for the fair Jake and Jess made their technology which was a robot that could clean glass, carpets, flooring, and walls. They named themselves The J’s and earned their way towards the first place!

Every single child was carefree for Jess and Jake because they all knew how much passion Jake and Jess put into their work. Jess was thrilled, and he showed it by thanking all the teachers and went running to his parents and gave them a tight-cozy-compact hug!
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