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Ray,a 10 year old girl was very upset by her parents behaviour. She scored the third highest mark in her school on public exams but her parents want her to be first in whatever she does so they compared and scolded her. She was really upset and started to cry"my parents are not happy with what i have scored they are always comparing". She shared her sadness with her mother. Her mother felt very bad and shared this with her father. Her parents planned to take her to a outing. They let her to decide the destination but she dint. They took her to a beach and a that moment she forgot everything and started to play with sand. Her mother requested her to take path in small games which where there again she was the third person to win a little toy. Her parents said that they were so happy for what she has done . Ray felt vey happy. My parents accepted what i did !!!!!hurray.

Rp Harini
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